Karen’s Books

books-karenneverlandAs Within, So Without: Love Yourself, Love the World assists readers in delving into their inner world to transform their external world through Self-Love.

Cosmic Breath is a collective works of spiritual poetry. Through poetry, we can attempt to understand the cosmic and eternal Love that pervades existence.

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Spirit Guidance

magi3Reiki Astrology Dreamwork • Ascension

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Global Ascension Report

past life recallArticles for Gaia’s Ascension.

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Meet Karen Neverland

Karen NeverlandI am here to Create Beauty.

Author  Dragon Rishi  Reiki Healer/Master Teacher
Poet  Ascension Astrologer • Spirit Guide  Minister
Bachelor of Science in Communication

It’s just me here! If any of this assists you in your path, donations are welcome.

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