Karen’s Books

books-karenneverlandAs Within, So Without: Love Yourself, Love the World assists readers in delving into their inner world to transform their external world through Self-Love.

Cosmic Breath is a collective works of spiritual poetry. Through poetry, we can attempt to understand the cosmic and eternal Love that pervades existence.

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Reiki & Astrology Sessions

magi3Love Yourself • Know Yourself • Master Yourself

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Meet Karen Neverland

Karen NeverlandI am here to seek Truth and Love and share Them in accordance with the Highest Good of All.

Karen Neverland is an independent Author, Poet, Reiki Master-Teacher, Astrologer, Soul Brightener, Truth Seeker & Philosopher, Student of the Stars, Symbol Reader, and Lover of Dreams. She lives in Portland, Oregon.

It’s just me here! If any of this assists you in your path, donations are welcome.

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