9D: Zero Point, Sophia, and the Inner Stargate

TorusThe portals for 8D/9D are open and these frequencies are available on Gaia. For many still working through 3D and 4D Karma, these higher frequencies can be very challenging, because they accelerate our Ascension. Know that you are working through a great deal of past karma in a very short amount of time. It is intense, but you can do it!

8D and 9D Dual Energy

While 8D is Christ Consciousness (more about that here), 9D is Sophia Consciousness. The Return of the Sacred Feminine is the return of 9D to this planet. This frequency has not been available for ages and these are truly exciting times!

Though we distinguish these as 8D and 9D, they are actually equal and cooperative forces. The Infinity sign reflects both: The farthest edges of the figure 8 are the amplification of opposites (8D), then the point in the center is Zero Point (9D). This is also like the Torus Field.

Infinity Torus

The energy of 8D is Electric-Masculine in nature and has an amplifying effect on everything it comes in contact with. 9D has the opposite effect. It is Sophia Consciousness and is Magnetic-Feminine in nature. This means it holds space in Zero Point. It nullifies, neutralizes, and holds the energy.

8D and 9D cannot exist without each other and always come paired as Energy in Motion. It is the Union of the Christos-Sophia. However, in physical Ascension, we embody 8D first to open the Thymus Chakra and then 9D forms a Void in the center (also known as a Stargate).

8D is challenging on 3D and 4D because we have not yet integrated our opposites (more here). When 8D hits, it tends to look like chaos, because the energy is osculating between extremes and the further apart our opposites are, the more this feels like waves throwing us around. Once we integrate into Oneness (5D), amplification feels really good and gives us bright golden energy to create with.

9D is challenging in a different way. After the amplification of 8D, 9D goes suddenly still into Zero Point and Divine Neutrality. This stillness forces us to face our own selves and can bring on feelings of Melancholy or feeling “blah”. The ego does not like this stillness and tends to freak out in the silence, bringing up any shadow aspects that have not yet been integrated. We become hyper-aware of our internal dialogue and emotions. (Note: There is also a melancholy when we jump timelines, which is feeling the loss of our 3D self. 9D is different; it is Void and the stillness can be somber and sad.)

The Silver Ray of Sophia Consciousness (9D) further opens and activates the Thymus Chakra. It also opens two minor chakras on the shoulders, where the Wings form in the Light Body, and a minor chakra on the back of the head called the Dreamwell.

Once we embody Wings in our Light Body, we are broken free from the Karmic Cycle. After 9D, we are no longer required to incarnate on Gaia and can move on to a higher frequency world, if we desire. (Or you can return, as many choose to do, since Gaia is the most beautiful planet in existence. Just saying!)

9D Paradigm and the Inner Stargate

The trick to getting through 9D is staying in a neutral space of non-judgment. We experience an initiation of being tested in every way at 9D to trick us into judging others. To get our Wings, we must hold this space of Divine Neutrality, at the center of the Torus Field, allowing the world to exist and allowing ourselves to be in it. No need to change it or have resistance to it. We just Are and everything just Is. It’s a beautiful space to exist in, once you have it mastered.

When we open 9D in the Heart Chakra, it opens a Stargate/Portal/Void there. This is the Center of our Torus Field. Creation occurs from this Center of our Being. Since it is Zero Point, we can access all of existence by centering into the heart. That’s why it is seen as a Stargate, because we can use it to astral travel to any point anywhere; this is also why the Dreamwell activates at this time, to help us navigate. We can also use Zero Point to bring in energy from anywhere, which is what is involved with a lot of Gatekeepers and Portal Keepers. (You will know if this is you, because you will receive the proper initiations and downloads of information that pertain to your mission.)

Opening the Inner Stargate brings immense power. This is why the Initiation for 9D is so challenging and we are tested so heavily. Once 9D is embodied, we have the ability to bring in planetary energies. We must be Neutral before we have this ability, because it is very powerful and cannot be used to serve the self.


I am excited to offer this information, as the fulfillment of my soul’s longing. Take what resonates and leave the rest.
Love, Wisdom, Power
–August 11, 2017

Author: Karen Neverland

I am here to Create Beauty • Dragon Rishi • Reiki Master • Ascension Astrology • Healing/Guidance • Scribe