The Ankh : Ascension and Descension : Dark Night to Christ Consciousness

Kundalini Ascension

There are 7 major chakras in the body (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.) These 7 are the foundation of our energetic body.

When we go through Ascension, the serpentine force called the Kundalini slowly crawls from the Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra. This takes a long time as the Kundalini rises and then re-coils to its foundation. Rising and re-coiling, this force steadily moves upward, then holds to integrate and purify. This process used to take many lifetimes, as we trained our energy to amplify, but now we are living through multiple chakra ascensions in one lifetime.

Each time the Kundalini reaches a new chakra, we re-master our 7 chakras in the new frequency. For example, if you have just reached 5D, the Kundalini climbs and masters the first chakra, then the second, and so on. When the Kundalini reaches the 5D-7th chakra, the whole Kundalini climbs to 6D and you re-master 1-7 in that density. This is why we can have ascension symptoms of lower chakra clearing, when we are moving higher in frequency.

All of this is not a cut and dry process. It is energetic expansion and contraction in a fluid motion, like the tides coming in and out. However, there are stages, initiations, graduations, and new abilities that come along the way as we reach new points in our Self Mastery.

Understanding Ascension and 5D

Each Chakra has a Morphogenetic Field of its energy frequency. When the Kundalini reaches a new chakra, we are initiated into new rules and new understandings of reality and the old ways die. In the past, we physically died in between these ascensions, to be reborn as a baby in the new energy field. It can be challenging on the human psyche to live throughout this process of Death and Rebirth while staying in body, but this is exactly what we are experiencing at this time of mass ascension.

When we say we are moving into 5D, we mean that the planet has entered the Morphogenetic Field associated with the 5th Chakra. This is the Throat Chakra, responsible for Higher Truth, Knowing, Integrity, Unity, Communication, Connection, and Honesty. Gaia’s Core is now at 5D, and this is why everyone is being forced into 5D. The power of the planet is much greater than an individual’s will, so having Gaia at 5D pulls everyone up.

8D: Christ Consciousness

Something special happens when we have ascended the Kundalini to 7D-7th chakra, up out of the Crown. At this point, the Kundalini actually reverses and returns to the Heart. During this time, we experience a Descension in our energy as we climb back down the chakras. This process is known as the Dark Night of the Soul and can be very confusing if you don’t know what is occurring.

In this Descension, we suddenly “lose” our new found abilities: the Divine Connection of the Crown, the Sixth Senses of the Third Eye, and the Self-Knowing of the Throat Chakra. These chakras seemingly “go offline” as we return to the 4th Chakra and 4D to integrate all the chakras into our Heart Center. This is like a giant, personal retrograde, where we more deeply understand and master ourselves and our shadows.

Ascension is not outside of ourselves in some distant realm. It is bringing all the powers of our multidimensional self into our core, physical self.

When the Kundalini returns to the heart, it initiates a process throughout the whole body, where every single cell is converted into crystalline (krystal, christel, crystal). This is the real beginning of the Light Body–the Tree of Life. As the 8th Thymus Chakra opens, the whole physical body goes through a massive Death and Rebirth. (There are many cycles and Dark Nights of the Soul, but this one is extremely powerful, since it is at the end of a Greater Cycle.)

The Descension is known as the “Dark Night of the Soul” because it is when the Universe throws everything at us to tempt us, prod our weaknesses, and drive us literally insane. This is to drive out and purify all the inferior elements of the ego and emotional body. The Universe does everything it can to pull us down and humble us, so that we master ourselves and rise, regardless of our physical surroundings. This is when we rediscover the heart and our consciousness moves back there, where it permanently resides. All ascension after the 8th Chakra occurs in the Heart. The Heart is what it is about!

The Ankh

The Ankh is a symbol of Ascension and the Kundalini’s energetic pathway. The energy rises up the center column of the spine, then once it reaches the top, it returns to the heart. This is what is illustrated from the Ankh symbol.

We show an Ankh for someone who has attained Christ Consciousness (Buddha Nature), because it means they have successfully mastered all 7 chakras and then returned to the heart (The Middle Way). This is when the golden Thymus/High Heart Chakra opens.

You cannot force the Kundalini to return to the heart. This pathway only occurs when all 7 chakras have been mastered and integrated. It cannot be artificially created through crystals, grids, diet, manipulation, or anything external. It is a naturally occurring process that is catalyzed by Union of Source and Self. It starts the moment when we merge with the Understanding of the Law of One (We are All One).

When someone has reached this point, where the High Heart Chakra is fully Activated, they are living in the 8th Density and have actualized Christ Consciousness.

Many have been going through this Dark Night of the Soul phase this year and will be awakening into Christ Consciousness. People are sent into their Dark Night of the Soul in waves, as they are ready. This might be why you are getting feelings and promptings to “wait” (there are many reasons why this could be). You have to wait until the energy is supportive and your Higher Self clears you for the Descension into the Dark Night. It all happens automatically and these waves will increase and continue in Divine Timing.

I offer this integrated Wisdom, so that you may have a deeper Understanding of your own Divine Journey. The terminology of the levels and densities is for clarification of which stage you are at, the rules you are playing by, and the lessons you are mastering. It’s not a competition and higher is not “better”.

Ascension is a natural unfoldment in Divine Timing, one day at a time. Patience and Perseverance is the fastest path through–A Divine Paradox!

Many Blessings on your Beloved Ascension.
Love, Wisdom, and Power
–May 20, 2017

Author: Karen Neverland

I am here to Create Beauty • Dragon Rishi • Reiki Master • Ascension Astrology • Healing/Guidance • Scribe