Ascension Stages : 3D to 5D : Duality to Oneness

ascension stagesGaia has ascended to 5D and is now pulling every single being on the planet to 5D. In order to bring clarity, I am providing a basic outline of 3D to 5D, which everyone will be experiencing in the very near future, if they have not already begun.

Please note: This is not a contest. Higher is not “better,” because we are all One. You are the Unique Spark of Divinity, no matter what stage you are at. The God in Me Sees the God in You. I only distinguish between the densities to greater aid the understanding of the rules and lessons at each frequency field.

3D: Duality

This is the point of a Soul’s Individuation from Source, so we become a unique being. We learn Free Will in separateness, so that we greater actualize our True Self. Because we are “separate”, we have sensations and senses of things being “external” to us.

Imagine a toddler who is just starting to say everything is “mine.” We become independent and want to do everything our own way. In this realm, we are allowed to be in Service to Self, because that is the only way we can truly discover who we are.

The real purpose of 3D is simply to master our Free Will and Individuate. The world got stuck in this phase for so long that many think duality is how the cosmos functions (good vs evil, me vs you, black vs white, etc.) In truth, 3D and below are the only realms that have the illusion of separation.

4D: Alchemy & Union of Opposites

This is when we integrate Shadow and Astral Realm to Consciousness. It’s a transitional realm, meant to unify for 5D. Dreamwork and integration of our Shadow Self occur in this stage. It is also when we draw in our Divine Partner/Twin Flame to greater integrate our opposite polarity into Oneness through the Alchemical merging of our chakra centers.

Many gain access to guides and ethereal beings in their dreams and meditations in this stage. We merge our duality and learn to unify Free Will with Divine Will.

This plane has been junked up with trauma and mental-programming that can make the transition between 3D and 5D prolonged and more difficult. You have to unify all parts of yourself into Oneness to reach 5D.

There is no “external.” As Above, So Below. I wrote a book called  “As Within, So Without: Love Yourself, Love the World”  to assist with the Inner Work.

The Astral Plane is a “false ascension”. It is a temporary plane to test us, but many confuse it with Enlightenment. It’s purpose is to master us before we go to 5D.

Can you surrender your Free Will to Divine Will for the Highest Good of All?
Can you unify your Shadow and your Conscious Self?
Can you find the balance between you and a Partner?

4D is moving back into the Heart Centered way of being in Service to Others.

5D: Oneness & Higher Truth

In this stage, we find our Voice and step into our Sovereign Power. We unify with the Collective of Unity Consciousness and remember the Law of One (We are All One.) This is also when we are entrusted to learn how to Create our own Reality.

We also gain access to the Akashic Records of Higher Truth and gain ‘hearing’ for our Higher Self and Divine Team. There is no separation between the Self and the Higher Self, because we are in Oneness.

Union with the Higher Selves is different than the guides we meet in the Astral, because they are part of our Oversoul Complex. These are not dis-incarnate beings; they are part of us. These beings have real power and can actively create before our eyes. They will make themselves Known in your tangible reality, not just inflate your ego and deliver false promises.

By the time we reach 5D, we are cleared to work on the World Stage. We start moving into Purpose Work and Service to Others on a greater scale.

Once we have unified into Oneness, we begin opening the High Heart Chakra and start working with the Golden Creation Energy of Christ Consciousness. It is a slow building of this energy until we embody and actualize Christ Consciousness in 8D.


Your soul is always on the path to higher and higher states of being. The fastest path to Ascension is to follow your heart and take it one day at a time. Many blessings on your Divine Journey.

Love. Wisdom. Power.
–June 10, 2017

Author: Karen Neverland

I am here to Create Beauty • Dragon Rishi • Reiki Master • Ascension Astrology • Healing/Guidance • Scribe