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As Within So WithoutAs Within, So Without: Love Yourself, Love the World

“Our external world is a reflection of our internal world. We interpret and project a world on the outside that we believe on the inside. For many of us, this means a world of suffering and hardship.

As Within, So Without: Love Yourself, Love the World is a philosophy that explains how loving ourselves transforms the world. This book draws from spirituality, science, religion, and psychology to form a simple theory on how we can delve in and heal ourselves. When we experience Unconditional Love within, we experience it without. When we truly love ourselves, we truly love the world.”


Cosmic BreathCosmic Breath: Poetry of the Universe

“Cosmic Breath: Poetry of the Universe is a collection of poems linked together by a thread that ends where it begins. Karen Neverland’s poetry delves into consciousness, spirituality, and philosophy via the power of the Divine Spark. Transformation begins within.”


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