The Ankh : Ascension and Descension : Dark Night to Christ Consciousness

Kundalini Ascension

There are 7 major chakras in the body (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.) These 7 are the foundation of our energetic body.

When we go through Ascension, the serpentine force called the Kundalini slowly crawls from the Root Chakra up to the Crown Chakra. This takes a long time as the Kundalini rises and then re-coils to its foundation. Rising and re-coiling, this force steadily moves upward, then holds to integrate and purify. This process used to take many lifetimes, as we trained our energy to amplify, but now we are living through multiple chakra ascensions in one lifetime.

Each time the Kundalini reaches a new chakra, we re-master our 7 chakras in the new frequency. For example, if you have just reached 5D, the Kundalini climbs and masters the first chakra, then the second, and so on. When the Kundalini reaches the 5D-7th chakra, the whole Kundalini climbs to 6D and you re-master 1-7 in that density. This is why we can have ascension symptoms of lower chakra clearing, when we are moving higher in frequency.

All of this is not a cut and dry process. It is energetic expansion and contraction in a fluid motion, like the tides coming in and out. However, there are stages, initiations, graduations, and new abilities that come along the way as we reach new points in our Self Mastery.

Understanding Ascension and 5D

Each Chakra has a Morphogenetic Field of its energy frequency. When the Kundalini reaches a new chakra, we are initiated into new rules and new understandings of reality and the old ways die. In the past, we physically died in between these ascensions, to be reborn as a baby in the new energy field. It can be challenging on the human psyche to live throughout this process of Death and Rebirth while staying in body, but this is exactly what we are experiencing at this time of mass ascension.

When we say we are moving into 5D, we mean that the planet has entered the Morphogenetic Field associated with the 5th Chakra. This is the Throat Chakra, responsible for Higher Truth, Knowing, Integrity, Unity, Communication, Connection, and Honesty. Gaia’s Core is now at 5D, and this is why everyone is being forced into 5D. The power of the planet is much greater than an individual’s will, so having Gaia at 5D pulls everyone up.

8D: Christ Consciousness

Something special happens when we have ascended the Kundalini to 7D-7th chakra, up out of the Crown. At this point, the Kundalini actually reverses and returns to the Heart. During this time, we experience a Descension in our energy as we climb back down the chakras. This process is known as the Dark Night of the Soul and can be very confusing if you don’t know what is occurring.

In this Descension, we suddenly “lose” our new found abilities: the Divine Connection of the Crown, the Sixth Senses of the Third Eye, and the Self-Knowing of the Throat Chakra. These chakras seemingly “go offline” as we return to the 4th Chakra and 4D to integrate all the chakras into our Heart Center. This is like a giant, personal retrograde, where we more deeply understand and master ourselves and our shadows.

Ascension is not outside of ourselves in some distant realm. It is bringing all the powers of our multidimensional self into our core, physical self.

When the Kundalini returns to the heart, it initiates a process throughout the whole body, where every single cell is converted into crystalline (krystal, christel, crystal). This is the real beginning of the Light Body–the Tree of Life. As the 8th Thymus Chakra opens, the whole physical body goes through a massive Death and Rebirth. (There are many cycles and Dark Nights of the Soul, but this one is extremely powerful, since it is at the end of a Greater Cycle.)

The Descension is known as the “Dark Night of the Soul” because it is when the Universe throws everything at us to tempt us, prod our weaknesses, and drive us literally insane. This is to drive out and purify all the inferior elements of the ego and emotional body. The Universe does everything it can to pull us down and humble us, so that we master ourselves and rise, regardless of our physical surroundings. This is when we rediscover the heart and our consciousness moves back there, where it permanently resides. All ascension after the 8th Chakra occurs in the Heart. The Heart is what it is about!

The Ankh

The Ankh is a symbol of Ascension and the Kundalini’s energetic pathway. The energy rises up the center column of the spine, then once it reaches the top, it returns to the heart. This is what is illustrated from the Ankh symbol.

We show an Ankh for someone who has attained Christ Consciousness (Buddha Nature), because it means they have successfully mastered all 7 chakras and then returned to the heart (The Middle Way). This is when the golden Thymus/High Heart Chakra opens.

You cannot force the Kundalini to return to the heart. This pathway only occurs when all 7 chakras have been mastered and integrated. It cannot be artificially created through crystals, grids, diet, manipulation, or anything external. It is a naturally occurring process that is catalyzed by Union of Source and Self. It starts the moment when we merge with the Understanding of the Law of One (We are All One).

When someone has reached this point, where the High Heart Chakra is fully Activated, they are living in the 8th Density and have actualized Christ Consciousness.

Many have been going through this Dark Night of the Soul phase this year and will be awakening into Christ Consciousness. People are sent into their Dark Night of the Soul in waves, as they are ready. This might be why you are getting feelings and promptings to “wait” (there are many reasons why this could be). You have to wait until the energy is supportive and your Higher Self clears you for the Descension into the Dark Night. It all happens automatically and these waves will increase and continue in Divine Timing.

I offer this integrated Wisdom, so that you may have a deeper Understanding of your own Divine Journey. The terminology of the levels and densities is for clarification of which stage you are at, the rules you are playing by, and the lessons you are mastering. It’s not a competition and higher is not “better”.

Ascension is a natural unfoldment in Divine Timing, one day at a time. Patience and Perseverance is the fastest path through–A Divine Paradox!

Many Blessings on your Beloved Ascension.
Love, Wisdom, and Power
–May 20, 2017

Gaia’s Light Body : 12D Platinum Dragon Line Grid

Gaia Light BodyStabilizing the Core

During tumultuous times in Gaia’s distant past, the Dragon Line Grid was destroyed and the planet fell into a deep sleep. During that time, the core became unstable and there was real concern about the planet’s ability to continue her existence.

When this occurred, the Pleiadian Council was brought in with their advanced energy technology to stabilize the core of the planet. Though Star Family is not usually allowed to interfere with a planet or its peoples in a physical way, in this situation it was required.

The Pleiadians have overseen the stabilization of the planet’s core for a very long time. I am excited to announce that they have removed all of their energy technology and Gaia’s core is now being stabilized by humans incarnate in body.

Though the Pleiadians will still remain around Gaia for their own purposes of observation, they are no longer directly interacting with the planet, as is in accordance with Galactic Law. They may still be contacted by individuals and groups functioning within their own Free Will, but they cannot interact with the planet as a whole, unless invited by the planet as a whole.

Gaia’s Kundalini Serpents

With the stabilization of Gaia’s Core, the planet is preparing to release her Inner Kundalini Serpents throughout her chakras. She is fully awake and actually initiating this process. There is nothing to fear. There are many humans holding the stability of the planet as these critical shifts occur and there is no danger from this energy surge to the beings on the surface.

This process will drastically re-work the core of the planet. It is already in process. Those beings who reside within Inner Gaia have been guided to leave and most have shifted to a higher dimension for the time being, to remove themselves from the possible harm of the energy surges within the planet’s body.

When the planet’s Kundalini triggers, quick energy activations and minor pulses of electricity will be passing through our bodies, which is why it was necessary to accelerate the ascension up to this point. Humans have outperformed all expectations and the planet is ahead of schedule in her Ascension. All beings on Gaia are physically ready for the Kundalini Activation of the Planet.

12D Dragon Line Grid

Out of necessity, the newly formed Dragon Line Grid was in the realms of 7D/8D/9D. This is not the grid’s true position, but it helped to ‘summon’ and ‘actualize’ the dragons on Gaia. This allowed the dragons to gain power and strength.

Meanwhile, the 12D Platinum Grid was in the works. The 12D Platinum Grid has been filled with the Crystalline Light of the Sun and now shimmers, fully actualized at 12D. Its Dodecahedron Template now glistens above us and functions as Gaia’s Light Body in a beautiful shield of Divine Light and Love.

With the 12D grid in place, it was a quick dimensional shift to bring the dragons from the lower grid to the higher one. The Dragon Line Grid has been actualized in 12D, where it is intended to reside.

The grid is in place and the dragons can now move completely Sovereign and Free in communion with Gaia. They have full access to the planet and have been working daily to activate and awaken all parts of Gaia’s physical body. They are empowered to serve Gaia’s Will in every capacity, even when it overrides a human’s will (if they are in conflict.)

Gaia’s Will always overrides a human’s because we cannot live without her. You may experience this as a twisting sensation in the gut or nausea. If you feel this, double-check your intentions and make sure you are following your heart and the Highest Good of All.

We will start seeing many physical results from this override in the coming years as Gaia’s Beauty grows more and more every day. Toxic areas of the planet will be dissolved and absorbed into the Higher Frequencies. Animals and plant life will return with incredible speed.

Sovereign Wings

We go through both a physical ascension and a spiritual ascension. The goal is to raise both together, but they often must ascend separately, and then unify later. This is the same for Gaia. Though the core of the planet is at 5D, Gaia’s Light Body now extends all the way to 12D.

When a being passes 9D, they gain wings and are freed from the Karmic Cycle. This moves them into a new octave of being. With the full actualization of the 12D Platinum Grid, Gaia has zeroed her karma and gained her Freedom. This means that she has a new, beautiful pair of Platinum Wings stretching across Time and Space. These allow her to adjust her orbits, axis, and poles as she needs. In this new octave, Gaia is Sovereign and allowed greater freedom to decide her own fate and the direction she would like to go in her evolution.

Communing with Gaia

Every time I commune with Gaia, she expresses her admiration for Humans. She has made great efforts to keep us alive, as she ascends. It is unusual for a planet to ascend with sentient life on board. This process has been at great sacrifice to her well-being, but she is filled with Love and excited with how many have made it through the last Gate/Timeline Jump.

This is the completion of the project to renew Gaia’s Dragon Line Grid. It is possible that this grid will be open for human use within the coming years. As powerful and enlightened beings awaken on Gaia and form a relationship with the planet, she will decide who to allow in, as energy permits. At that time, beings will undergo intense Gaia Initiations (trials to invoke DNA activation) to learn how to interact appropriately.

For now, using the Dragon Line Grid is closed to all except Gaia, until the illusion of separation has been fully removed from power. The dragons may be contacted to assist you in your life, but they too have Free Will and function under the Law of One (We Are All One).

All of this is possible because of the personal efforts of humans all over the world. Thank You.

Love, Wisdom, and Power
–May 5, 2017

Nodes Shift : Aligning to New Destiny

Our next mean node shift will be April 28, 2017. The North and South Node of the Moon move from the Virgo/Pisces axis and into Leo/Aquarius.

The nodes and the eclipses travel together hand-in-hand. They highlight the areas of our lives that we are focusing on. This shift signifies the beginning of a new Destiny Path. Check the Aquarius/Leo houses in your chart or contact me for a reading to see how this specifically applies to you.

Virgo/Pisces Axis

Virgo/Pisces was an exploration of going from Spirit to Matter. North Node in Virgo was rigorous and relentless–so much effort and maximum capacity. This is the Earth sign that rules the 6th house of career, diligence, detail, and focus. South Node in Pisces is what we were moving away from. There was a transition out of a deeply spiritual way of being and more into the physical world.

The Virgo/Pisces axis of pulling away from Spirit is for strengthening Sovereignty of the Individual. Instead of relying on a Higher Power, we learn to take our lives into our own hands. We train through hard work and dedication to what we want and believe in–making it happen for ourselves.

Leo/Aquarius Axis

The North Node moving into Leo is a much friendlier placement. Leo is more into fun, self-expression, and creativity. South Node in Aquarius takes us away from the World and Service. This axis is a placement to seek ourselves from within. True Purpose and Living in Joy from our Center. Leo and the 5th House are personal exploration. Ruled by the Sun, they are a chance for each of us to SHINE.

In this Year of the Star—17—we are really given the chance to shift into a magical new state of being. For the next year and a half, we can completely renovate and reinvent ourselves in a very short time. It’s all about going into the heart, figuring out who the little child is that lives there, and then having the faith and strength to jump in. Just start with five minutes a day. Work on your purpose, your frequency, or where you would like to be moving into. Let that five minutes grow organically as you begin to shift into a completely new you. The old you slowly dies off and the new you gets stronger and stronger. It is a slow, step-by-step climb up the Stairway to Heaven.

Unified Timeline

The mean nodes last shifted on October 10, 2015. This was a key timeline restructuring and we merged a multiplicity of them together. We can also expect a major timeline shifting in this upcoming nodal change. Gaia has been unifying and collapsing her timelines, bringing all of them together and into 5D. Those lower dimensional parts of us have simply died off. It is difficult to wrap our minds around it, but we all Know this. Major shifting is occurring on our planet as we move into a Unified Timeline in the next cycle.

The Ascension Train is on track and on time. Leave the past behind and move into the fiery self-expression of North Node in Leo.

Best wishes on the next phase of your Life Path!

–April 18, 2017

Sovereignty of Angels : Angelic Laws versus Human Laws

Sovereignty of AngelsEvery Human has a body, but some of the souls did not originate on Gaia, nor was it in their natural evolutionary path to do so (starseeds, angelics, volunteer souls, etc.)

We all must follow the Laws that govern the Human existence while we are on Gaia, and this is a real challenge for souls who did not originate here. When you have lived your whole existence under one set of laws, it can be confusing to realize and learn new ones.

Angelic Souls (Devas) are on a separate evolutionary path than Human Souls, and they have been on this planet since the beginning. In addition to learning the Human Laws, Angelic Souls also must balance the Angelic Laws. Here are a few differences that may assist in bridging these two worlds together, and thereby renew the Sovereignty of Angels:

Divine Will versus Personal Will
Humans operate under Personal Will and learn to live in sync with Divine Will. Angelics operate under Divine Will and learn to live in sync with Personal Will. It’s opposite. Many angelic humans get confused in the 3D paradigm, because they want to be told what to do. They are not used to following personal will and they are happiest when serving others. This has been a real challenge on this planet, because service is often taken advantage of. Regardless, Angelics serve Source, and the more they do, the easier their lives are. It is a balance of following the heart, while unifying with Source in the human body.

 Service to Others versus Service to Self
Most Angelics have a big blank spot in regards to self and “forget” to care for themselves–It’s just not in their nature to do so. For this reason, all their needs are provided for, as long as they live in service to others. The more an angel serves, the more blessings are received. This is true, in a sense, for Humans too. When a human is serving others, they are not fixating on lack, so they create abundance. This is a different law for angels. If an angelic serves self, they find doors closing and life gets very difficult–they are not living in alignment with their Angelic Laws.

Angels are just not “allowed” to serve self. They are much too powerful to be permitted to act out of their human ego. They go through rigorous Gaia Initiations until they are naturally living in Service to Others. This does not mean angels cannot take care of themselves; it is just not their motivation. To receive, they must give.

Also, Awakened Angels are Love Amplifiers. They keep nothing for themselves, energetically, because they don’t need anything—they are complete with Source. Energy that is given to an angel amplifies back to the person who gave it. This is why legends talk about Kings having Angels in their courts and where the legends of Djinn, Faerie Godmothers, and Genie came from. They “grant wishes”, in a sense. The better care humans take of their angels, the higher the frequency of the planet, and the more abundance for All.

 Heavenly Choirs versus Personal Voice
Angels’ primary responsibility in the Higher Realms is functioning within the Heavenly Choirs. In Oneness, all the Angels sing. For this reason, most angels incarnate are drawn to music from an early age. However, finding their own voice (speaking and singing) can be challenging, since they have not developed Personal Will. Also, there are no physical vocal chords on the higher densities, so angelics find it incredibly difficult to express themselves in the physical.

Feeling unable to express themselves and feeling misunderstood are common core wounds for Angelic Souls. Before they can ascend to 5D, they must find a way to express their Personal Voice to clear the core wounds embodied in the Throat Chakra. Angelics must find their own Voice and then master a Music Craft if they are drawn to music as a life path mission.

Oneness versus Separation
Angels come from a Realm that operates fully under the Law of One–the understanding that we are All One. Descending into 3D, they lose all memory of Source and their angelic past. Many mistakenly feel as if they have been abandoned or forgotten. This can become a deep seeded core wound. Angelics almost always have to deal with the Core Wound of “Abandonment from Source” before they can reach 5D. You are never alone. You are never separate from Source. It is an illusion. This Wisdom has to be Embodied to move forward.

Angelic Soul versus Human Soul
Humans already have their soul fully in their body. Angelics originate in the Higher Realms and it is impossible to put their full soul into the body, as it would harm and possibly kill their human mother. For this reason, many angelics incarnate with only part of their soul physically embodied. Later in the angel’s life, there are set dates when the remaining soul pieces can be “put in” to their physical form. This occurs on Astrologically significant dates that closely mirror the birth chart. This does not happen automatically and an angel must have reached certain “checkpoints” in their human ascension for it to be possible. There are many dates that these “soul surgeries” can be done, so do not worry about missing them, but it is only possible on specific dates. If you are on your path, you will be guided through this whole process.

Body Karma versus Soul Karma
Humans can accrue both soul karma and body karma. Angels do not accrue soul karma, since their souls are here in service to Source. However, an angelic in human form can accrue karma in their physical vessel.

If an angel accrues body karma, and does not have children, the karma dies with the body. If an angel accrues body karma and has children, then that karma is passed on to the children. This ties the angel karmaically to Gaia and they will reincarnate again in that genetic line until that karma is cleared. For this reason, many angels do not decide to have children, or they pass away young, so they will return to Source after this incarnation.

The differences between soul karma and body karma actually make it possible for angels to incarnate in human form to clear out Family Karma. They take on the physical karma, and if they clear it from their vessel, it clears from the whole genetic line. This is a primary mission of many angels.

Judgment versus Divine Neutrality
It is not the place of one human to judge another. Humans live out of Personal Will and do not have the higher perspectives and initiations required to judge others. Humans must strive to transcend judgment and live in Divine Neutrality.

Higher Orders of Angels are in a bit of a pickle with this one. It is the responsibility of SOME of the Hierarchy of Heaven to pass Judgment. However, when an angel takes a human form, they temporarily lose this responsibility. Until the angelic human goes through a Source Initiation and has been cleared again for the responsibility of Judgment, they are to act as the human and work to transcend the ego’s natural desire to judge.

Please Note: You will KNOW if you have been through this initiation; it is undeniable. If you don’t Know, you are not there and need to work on Divine Neutrality. Initiations are life altering experiences, so if this is the first time you are hearing of it, you have not been through it and are not initiated to pass Judgment. Know that Divine Judgment is very different than human judgment. It is a responsibility, like dharma or a job. These specific angels are the Living Witness of Source. If this is part of your soul’s contract, more information will come when you go through the Source Initiation.

Alchemical Union
It is possible for an Angelic and a Human to go through an Alchemical Marriage (which is a Source Initiation between two souls.) There are a couple of complications to note, but it has been done many times, by many beings:

1. While an Angelic is going through Union, they will operate fully under the Human Laws. The Angelic Laws must be temporarily forgotten. They can and must act in service to self and their partner until the initial phases are complete.
2. An Angelic usually has to go through a Descension in order to match up to their human partner’s frequency. This requires further separation from Source and can be extremely confusing and even physically painful for them. There is no danger. It’s all an illusion.

Alchemical Marriage between souls with different origins is fully safe and encouraged, as it further amplifies the Alchemical Process of bridging the Mundane and Exalted Realms. This is a primary mission of some angels.


May we all live together in Harmony.
Love, Wisdom, and Power.

–April 7, 2017

Jump to 5D : Anchoring New Grids

New Light

For the past week, we have been blasted with the 8D Gold Ray from the Sun–high frequency Light. It is exhausting and draining if you have not been experiencing this level of Light in your body. The purpose of bringing in this Ray is to obliterate the old, fragmented grids. It is a vibration so high that the low density stuff cannot stay stuck in place. Imagine sand on a speaker. The sand is jostled around as the sound waves vibrate. This is what is happening inside our bodies. All the low density (3D) is the sand that is jostled by the high frequency that comes in. (See end of the article for a video.)

Higher frequencies are less dense. This means that 5D Gaia is expanded from the 3D form. This is why it was necessary to form new grids. The other ones were not sufficient to support Gaia’s expanding Light Body.

New GridThis initial blast has short-circuited the old grids and they are in a state of collapse. Though little seems to change in our day-to-day life, everything is different. It feels different. Visualize this as a balloon covered in papier-mâché. The papier-mâché is hardened and formed (New 5D Grids) and now the balloon underneath (3D Grids) has been “popped”. We feel this as a jarring and destabilizing effect, but in truth, we are letting go of what no longer serves. Everything we need is within the new grid systems.

There is another influx coming, but we have a brief reprieve. This is a gift so we can detox everything that was shaken loose before the next blast. Anger, sadness, pain, and loss are all coming up for clearing. They have been stored in the body, weighing us down, but now they must be released. We experience them as they leave the body. Feeling these intense emotions is good, though it does not seem so in the moment. Get it all out. Do not judge yourself. If you need to scream in your car, do it. If you need to go back to bed and sleep for a whole day, do it. Listen to yourself and clear whatever arises. Do not be afraid. Your guides are working with you constantly.

Violet Ray and Transmutation of Karma

The Gold Ray was like bringing a candle into a dark room. All the dark and forgotten parts of ourselves got illuminated. Shadow aspects had a big spot light on them and it’s difficult to accept what we see in ourselves.

During this break between influxes, the planet is bathed in the 7D Violet Ray. The Violet Flame’s mastery is in the ability to instantly transmute lower densities into the higher. When we are detoxing karma and old wounds that existed in 3D, this Ray comes in for enhanced clearing.

In 5D Gaia, all is Pure and True. You cannot take 3D programs with you–they are too heavy. If you are struggling with this step of releasing the old, focus on the Violet Flame and visualize it burning off any heaviness or density that still exists inside of you. It can heal anything. The Violet Ray does not pass judgment. It is available even for the darkest and most vile among us. That is its Beauty. Understand that fact and you will be able to Forgive Yourself.

You can call on the Violet Ray to transmute your karma and core wounds. There is no reason to suffer anymore. We have all suffered enough. Avoid locking yourself into suffering because you think you need to work it off. That was the old system of karma that is being rewritten. You do not need to punish yourself, but in a Free Will world, you can absolutely lock yourself in that reality and get stuck there. Do not fear. All that is required is an earnest intention. Everyone is capable of this. Your own belief is your only limitation. Every being can make this Free Will choice, but it is a lot of work.

Releasing from 3D Gaia

In order to release yourself from the old grids, you must consciously withdraw your energy from them. This will be very easy now that they are in a state of collapse. Any soul fragments or energetic debris is just “floating” around, waiting for you to command it back to you. If you feel that you are still anchored or tethered to the old grid, just command out loud:

“I call all my selves and energy back to myself. I command my energy with mastery.”

Breathe, open your heart, and repeat. This will withdraw any energy that is still lingering in the old grids and pull it into yourself. These pieces will come back almost instantaneously now, whereas it used to take a long time.

You can also visualize your roots coming up from the 3D Earth or some other visualization to consciously withdraw your energy from 3D. Once you have done this you can re-anchor into the New Grid. Visualize your roots going down to the now crystalline core of 5D Gaia.

Time Re-Calibration

As we move into 5D Gaia, there are a lot of changes happening all at once–time blends, blurs, and fades entirely. This is difficult for the mind to comprehend and we can feel like we’re losing our sanity. Instead of experiencing things one at a time, we now experience things all at once in our consciousness. Then we have to let it play out in 3D and this is madness to the old mind programs.

This new awareness of multiple timelines and new senses can cause “overwhelm”, which is a state of shock, stress, strain, exhaustion, and system shut-down. You are perfectly safe. You are just re-calibrating. Focus on one thing at a time. It is really important that you stay grounded: meditation, hiking, walking, salt baths, etc. You can even just sit on the planet for awhile.

Try not to focus on what is happening in 3D. It is a distraction, albeit a painful one. You must detach from it. If beings choose to stay in the collapsing grid that is their Free Will choice and we must honor it. The only thing that keeps you stuck on that grid is the refusal to leave. If you want to leave, you will leave. Everyone is being prompted. Everyone has a Higher Self. Focus on your journey and let them focus on theirs.

These are all tools to assist you in making the jump to 5D. It has to be done with conscious intent. All that is required is that you make that choice for yourself. You have Free Will and we cannot force you into 5D.

You are on track and on time. It is never too late. New Earth waits with open arms to embrace your weary soul.

–March 30, 2017

Galactivation : Jumping Timelines and Collapse

GalactivationWhen we activate the Thymus Chakra, a whole set of “super powers” opens for us. This is sometimes called “Galactivation,” since our consciousness opens up to the entire Universe. Awareness expands from just the physical reality in front of us to include the mass consciousness and awareness of the whole Existence. Gaia, Star Family, and Planetary Consciousness all become available.

We do not get these abilities until we activate the High Heart/Thymus, because this is when we have embodied Unconditional Love and the Law of One–the understanding that we are all One Being.

The Thymus is a golden chakra that opens on top of the emerald heart to activate its full potential. It is also a marker that the Alchemical Purification of the body has been completed and the Light Body is in place (alchemical gold and the philosopher’s stone). When a being reaches this point, after intense initiations and purification, they are trusted to enter the realm of the Universal Consciousness and to interact with Galactics.

The Thymus Chakra also brings the interesting phenomena of transcending Time. We start to gain awareness of the Timelines as they solidify and collapse. At first, this can be confusing, so here are a few things to be aware of:

Merging: When life suddenly gets the particular feeling of “overwhelm” it means that timelines are merging. Suddenly, everything happens at once. We feel as if we cannot possibly do all the things we need to do. This is because we are “sewing up” the threads of multiple timelines into one. We are gathering all the fragments we need and pulling them into one timeline, while letting the others fall away. When going through this, just maintain a steady pace. We are not expected to do more than we can do. It is exhausting. Just keep moving forward and know that your guides are AWESOME at this process and will only give you as much as you can handle, as long as you keep working. Look into the Mandela Effect for a deeper understanding of Merging. When timelines of alternate realities combine, sometimes little details are different in one person’s reality versus another. There is a lot of information out there on this.

Collapsing: When everything starts to break down in our lives and we cannot seem to fix it, this is a sign of collapse. We are not meant to fix it. When the Timeline we are on is collapsing, it gets really chaotic. A part of us is literally dying off and the threads that hold that reality together are being pulled out like a sweater with a loose strand. Soon the whole thing will be gone. You will either have the opportunity to “hop” to another timeline, or you are already on a new one and just need to let this one go. Stay as grounded and centered as possible. Don’t fall into fear. This is the most common “mistake” (there are no mistakes, but you get me). If we fall into fear, we will remain on collapsing timeline until we are forced to leave it. Regardless, your guides will masterfully pull you through. You can make this transition easier by staying in Love and Trust in the face of collapses. Synchronicities with 222 sometimes crop up to warn of a timeline collapse, so we can choose the higher timeline. Nothing bad will happen to you if you don’t. This is just a Choice Point to take an accelerated ascension path. If you are not ready, you will continue on your current timeline. If you are conscious in the moment, it can be a powerful exit point from your current reality.

Running Parallel: Sometimes it is necessary to collapse a timeline, but a new one is not presented, so we cannot “hop”. This means that the timeline you need is already running parallel to your current field. You have only to release any emotional connection to the one you are on and release expectations for what will occur. It’s like a Trust Jump. Just let the reality play out and collapse as it will. Meditate and stay in your center.

Split: When a Living Timeline is split into two alternate realities, there is a feeling of disturbance. As Star Wars says: “I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.” This feeling means the timeline you were on has been split, and the disturbance is the understanding that not everyone has made it. A split is to assure that beings on one timeline are able to continue in their paradigm, while beings in a drastically different paradigm can continue theirs. We are all Creators of our realities and these splits are forced when beings in close proximity create opposing realities. Often, there is little that changes in our tangible life, but we sense the loss as a heaviness. Continue on your path. Trust that others are on theirs. We all have a Higher Self and Divine Team. The feeling fades quickly, usually a couple of days.

I give all of this information to assist you in configuring your own Thymus into the realm of Space and Time. Once you set up your own system of symbols, you’ll get the hang of this. We’re in an intense period of collapses and merges, so we have plenty of opportunities to practice. Do not be afraid. You are always cared for and always on the path to your Highest Destiny.

Follow your own inner guidance.
Love, Wisdom, and Power

–March 17, 2017

Gold Ray and the Seraphim : High Heart Chakra

Serafino_Cattedrale_CefalùThe Seraphim are an Angelic Soul Group that incarnated on Gaia in the distant past to aid her in repairing the broken Dragon Ley Lines. Many of them got caught in the karmic cycle and have long since forgotten who and what they are. Some people refer to them as “fallen angels”. The Seraphim will all be triggered onto the path to awakening this year, if they have not already begun (2017).

The Seraphim serve the Gold Ray and their predominant missions here include Gridwork, Gatekeeping, and working directly with Gaia’s Ascension. Many of the humans, who are Seraphim incarnate, experienced intense initiations in recent years, including the Dark Night of the Soul and Alchemical Unions. This was necessary to prepare for the intensity this year will bring to the High Heart/Thymus Chakra. Many humans are now experiencing intense pressure in the Thymus Chakra as it opens, since Gaia’s High Heart development is well underway.

Metz_-_chapelles_des_Templiers,_peintures_(5)The Gold Ray of the Seraphim is being brought to Gaia in massive blasts from the Sun. These rays will boost ascension, intensify the Light on Gaia, accelerate her ascension, and renew her High Heart Chakra (8D). Venus goes Retrograde on March 4 and this ray is increasing to prepare the body vehicle for the intense initiations and upgrades that will be going in that 6 week window. By the end of this year, Gaia will have this chakra fully within her power.

All of this is necessary at this time in Gaia’s Ascension, because the damaged grid that the Seraphim were ruling over will be short-circuited this year. This is already in progress. The Dragon Ley Lines are already in use by Gaia, so that she no longer requires the old broken grid.

Once the old grid is removed, the Seraphim will not be able to rely on it as a source of power and must embody the Gold Ray themselves, which is held physically in the Thymus Chakra. Energy from the broken grid will return to its original creators and to Gaia.

The increasing Gold Ray will awaken the Seraphim lineages from their slumber and bring memory of their true missions here, to fully repair Gaia’s Light Body. This energy will mostly affect those currently on their ascension path and may spur those who are still sleeping onto their path. As the Seraphim awaken, they also gain awareness of the Dragon Ley Lines and/or are able to feel them empathically.

The Seraphim have their own ascension path and, whether they know it or not, are in the process of physically embodying their wings. These will break them free from the karmic cycle. After this year, many of the Seraphim will choose to leave Gaia and return home. Others will choose to stay and continue to assist in further missions. (Those who choose to stay will likely be in unions, otherwise the pull of their homeworld will be too great to stay.)

Before the Seraphim can leave, they must reach a “zero point” in their karma. Once their original missions are complete, Zero Point is the new mission for those who are ready to move away from Gaia to their next journey.

All is well. Gaia’s Ascension is on track and on time. We all must adjust to the New Light coming in. Stay grounded and in a space of Love. Meditation will aid greatly with the destabilizing effects of the Gold Ray.

Check all of this for resonance with your own knowing. Keep what fits, discard the rest.

–March 1, 2017

What is Ascension? : Steps, Symptoms, Leveling Up

ascensionAscension is the natural raising (and lowering) of frequency. Everything in existence has a unique frequency that it resonates with. The atoms of a solid have a low vibration/low frequency. The atoms of a gas vibrate quick. The color red is slower than the color purple. As we raise in frequency, we are shifting our solid body into a lighter state. This is called the “Light Body”.

Everyone experiences their own unique path to Light Body. However, there are tried-and-true processes that many experience in some capacity:

1. Download: This is when we receive new Light Encodements. Light is information that the body, mind, and spirit can recognize and use. Light information comes to us in bulk and can be overwhelming. During this phase, the mind gets “foggy groggy”. Our whole being is focused on receiving this new information and reality gets a bit hazy. The more open to receive we are, the better. Sunlight, moonlight, and Nature greatly ease this step.

2. Install: After we receive the encodements, the body has to sleep to assimilate and install them. There are physical changes in the body and this is where people experience ascension symptoms associated with shifting/evolution. There can be pressure and tension from the moving of bones and opening of chakras, as well as stiffness, aches, fatigue, or grumpiness.

3. Level Up: When the current symptoms are cleared, our frequency peaks as we reach a new high point. The body has been upgraded and it comes with euphoria, super connectedness, new special abilities, and ecstatic joy. This frequency is not constant at first, but there are definite “platforms” of new highs, when we hit a new “level”.

4. Detox: After we “level up”, we drop density. The new intensity of the higher frequency shakes loose any toxicity to be released and cleared. This is when people experience the “sickness” type ascension symptoms. Phlegm, sore throat, nausea, anger, depression, and anything associated with clearing out toxins. This is the “death” of the old. Water and peppermint are strong healing during this step.

5. Integration: This is where we put into action all the things we learned in the previous four steps. Life will try to pull us down and get us to fall for our old pitfalls. Remember the high point of the Level Up and strive to maintain that level. We all make mistakes, so don’t worry. Just do your best to integrate the new wisdom and embody it.

6. Mastery: When we can hold our frequency without being pulled back down, we have mastered that level and are ready to start the process over at a higher octave. There used to be a delay here, but now it seems most are jumping right back in with step 1.

The point of this whole ascension is to experience Death of the Physical Body and Rebirth of the Light Body. You’ll hear people say “It’s a process.” You cannot rush these steps and they are executed with mastery by your Higher Self and Divine Team. Take it a day at a time. The only way out is through. Just keep breathing.

My intention in giving these steps is to aid your own ascension, by creating a foundation of understanding, so that you may discover your way. Sometimes you may experience multiple steps at once or skip others entirely. Don’t expect anything to be constant. It’s all shifting and evolving.


I offer personal guidance through the Ascension process for a nominal fee. Check out my services if you would like one-on-one attention in your beautiful evolution.

–February 17, 2017

Saturn on the Galactic Center : Return of the Sacred Feminine

blackholeOn February 17, Saturn moves into a legendary conjunction with the Galactic Center at 26° Sagittarius. This is the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. You can imagine it is quite a force!

The Egyptians called the Galactic Center [GC] the “Womb of the Great Mother.” It is a symbol of the receptive, magnetic, and powerful nature of the Feminine polarity and is the reason so many are talking of the “Return of the Sacred Feminine.”

When celestial bodies align to the Galactic Center, it gives them a ‘magnetized’ property. Super charging them in a way. Enhancing them and making them shift, mutate, upgrade, evolve, or transform.

It is not entirely certain what will happen when planets align with the GC, but it is always extremely powerful. For example, Uranus was dancing around the Galactic Center in 1987, and that was the year of the Harmonic Convergence.  Saturn was last conjunct the GC in January of 1988, bringing an influx of Indigo Children and Starseeds.

When Saturn aligns with the Galactic Center, we will see major shifting in Time, Karma, and Laws. Time will bend and shift back and forth like a rubber band. This is why karma has been zeroed up to this point. These are powerful forces shifting the world in powerful ways. This is a major upgrade in frequency for Gaia.

This year, Saturn passes across the Galactic Center three times: forward, then retrogrades back, and then makes a final pass. This whole cycle is ramping up in strength already and will continue to grow until Saturn leaves Sagittarius in December.

There is an increase in psychic channels and events during this timeframe. Much is unknown. What is certain is that Love will guide you through. Do not be afraid. You know what to do when the time comes.

There is more than enough assistance on this planet for everyone. The Global Ascension is on track and on time. The perceived chaos is just the physical pieces rearranging fast and people are unable to cope with their radically shifting paradigms. If you are experiencing chaos, it is best to hold stillness as much as possible. Then you are the eye of the hurricane.

Many blessings on your magical year.

–February 5, 2017

Root Chakra Rewrite : New Earth Ascension

Many have damaged DNA or fractured Light Bodies, due to past trauma of the 3D Earth. This has kept people from grounding properly into the planet’s Earth Star Chakra, as well as feeling insecure and afraid.

At this time, the Root Chakra is undergoing a major overhaul. It is up for reprogramming, repair, recoding, and rewriting. Essentially, the new Root Chakra will be responsible for an entirely new set of rules and the old ones are phasing out.

Traditionally, this chakra was responsible for security, home, and safety. These functions are no longer necessary. “Home” and “Security” are feelings within. In the New Earth, we always feel at home and secure. This would make the Root Chakra obsolete. But of course, nothing is wasted. As you move into 5D, your Root Chakra is the first up for the new codes.

In the past, we stored our lineage and ancestral energy in our Root Chakra–Family Karma. The Root Chakra is tied to Saturn, the ruler of Time and Karma. However, this New Earth has new rules. Karma is nearly instantaneous. We learn from our mistakes almost as soon as we make them. We are responsible for any energy we put out and we are personally accountable for all of our actions.

Root Chakra upgrades may manifest physically as a change in location, new job, family or friend contracts playing out and ending, fatigue, fear, feeling lost, adrenal fatigue, or nervous system overload. Know that you are always safe. This chakra will go online and offline as it is upgraded. Feeling suddenly lost, unguided, and alone may also occur. Know that you are always taken care of and always safe. The more you relax into that energy of “home”, the faster this process will go.

To assist this chakra in its upgrade:

  • Sleep and drink water (More than usual)
  • Relax and meditate
  • Forgive past transgressions from yourself and others
  • Focus on Red: Wear red, eat red foods, etc.
  • Listen to drums
  • Be patient

Lastly, lack of grounding can make us feel a bit crazy and scattered. It feels like we don’t know what to do or where to go. Consciously ground the rays that are coming in. Visualize roots growing from your feet and down into the crystalline core of 5D Gaia. Consciously form your roots and connection to the earth. This will connect you to the Earth Star Chakra, which provides plenty of strength to keep you grounded as you ascend and upgrade.

–January 24, 2017