Global Awakening : Kundalini Ascension : Uranus Direct : The Mobius Strip

Uranus in the Aquarian Age

Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and therefore the ruler of the Aquarian Age. Uranus is the Universal Mind, Awakener, Shock, and Electric; Kundalini flashes and sudden awakenings. It is the 7th planet, spending 7 years in each sign. The Violet Flame is the 7th Ray, 7 Chakras, 7 Music Notes, 7 days of the week, and 7 Colors. Uranus is coming in strong to awaken all of us into Self Mastery.

To the Ancients, Uranus was Ouranos, the Sky God. His ancient symbol is a mix between the Sun and Mars.

The wedding of Heaven and Earth is ruled by Uranus, who brings Freedom for All. Uranus sits on its side and spins the opposite way of any other planet, representing Insight, Unique, Weird, Genius, Father Sky, Husband of Gaia.

Uranus officially entered Aries in 2011 (due to Retrograde). Personally, I feel this is when the Aquarian Age started, since Uranus was reborn in Aries for a new Zodiac cycle.

The Aquarian Age is empowered individuals acting for the greater whole. With Uranus in Aries since 2011, we have been radically awakening into our Higher Selves and clearing all blocks that keep us from shining our Light.

Uranus stations Direct on January 2, though it stays on the same degree until February 2. During this time, blockages for the Kundalini will be cleared to allow the Kundalini to flow naturally up the Central Channel. [link]

Uranus stationing Direct also brings an increase of the Violet Flame to assist in transmuting the Shadow, which will arise from releasing these internal blockages.

Uranus moves into Taurus in May 2018 and we are wrapping up these final degrees of Aries and exploration of Self, before the Ruler of the Aquarian Age shifts gears to our physical world, money, abundance, health, and environment.

Flip Flop and the Mobius Strip

The 3D timelines have been fully separated from the rest of the timelines. Everyone here has agreed to move into 5D (Oneness) and ascend with Gaia. This means you will experience a Kundalini Ascension (4D) this year, if you have not already.

Gaia is already in 5D and she is dragging everyone up. 4D is when we go through Kundalini Ascension and many are not ready mentally or emotionally for this. Breathe. Take it slow. The only way out is through. There are plenty of Wayshowers, Starseeds, Ascended Masters, and High Angelics available to assist the collective through these transitions. Above all, listen to your own Heart.

My guides show this process as a Mobius Strip, which is constructed so that if you enter in one direction, you exit the opposite: The inside becomes the outside and the outside the inside. As within, so without.

This is what is happening in 2018 as Uranus stations Direct, bringing sudden Kundalini flashes. The energy of our world “flip flops” from Within to Without and Without to Within. It will be obvious this year who has done their inner work and who has not, because the Kundalini is rising and blockages manifest as illness.

Do not worry! You can do this! I offer sessions if you would like guidance, but it is a natural process. Allow the energy to FLOW. I highly recommend an epsom salt bath, when the emotions become overwhelming. It helps detox the emotional body at an accelerated rate. [More on the Emotional Body.]

Kundalini Flashes

If there are energy blockages when the Kundalini rises, this causes major Ascension Symptoms. The Kundalini rises, hits a block, dissolves it, and then recoils. This happens over and over until the entire Central Channel is clear. [More on the Kundalini]

To assist this process, our Divine Teams and Higher Selves often turn the chakras “on” and “off” until the energy blockages release and allow the Kundalini flow. This can cause health issues, so pay special attention to any illness manifesting in the body at this time. It reveals which chakras are blocking your Kundalini flow. Rest as needed.

Here is a tool my Divine Team used to hint which chakras they were working on with repeating numbers. This really helped during my Kundalini Ascension to know why it feels so off sometimes.

101: Root Chakra Offline
111: Root Online

202: Sacral Offline
212: Sacral Online

303: Solar Plexus Offline
313: Solar Plexus Online

404: Heart Offline
414: Heart Online

505: Throat Offline
515: Throat Online

606: Third Eye Offline
616: Third Eye Online

707: Crown Offline
717: Crown Online

The Kundalini usually crawls up the chakras when there are no blockages, but with Gaia ascending in frequency, it is triggering this flash because the energy of the planet is pulling everyone up.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, Uranus Direct, Saturn in Capricorn, and most of the world working on 4D Kundalini Ascension, people are going to be physically feeling this and emotionally ungrounded. Hold a space of Love, if you are able.

Remember that the Energy Body wants to be in Harmony and will return there, as soon as whatever caused the issue is resolved. Follow your inner guidance and listen to your body.

Sending you so much Love on your transformational year.
Love, Wisdom, Power
–January 2, 2018

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Royal Stars of Persia : Ancient Symbolism : Astrological Christmas

four royal stars

The Four Royal Stars of Persia are four stars that stand in each of the four cardinal directions, each one coming into prominence at the height of one of the four seasons.

Symbols for the Royal Stars extend into every culture throughout our history as the Four Pillars, Four Directions, Four Archangels, Four Horsemen, etc.

Four Royal Stars and the Cross

The Four Royal Stars are:

  • Aldebaran (Taurus’s Eye) – Spring Equinox, Watcher of the East, Archangel Michael
  • Regulus (Heart of Leo) – Summer Solstice, Watcher of the North, Archangel Raphael
  • Antares (Heart of Scorpio) – Autumn Equinox, Watcher of the West, Archangel Uriel
  • Fomalhaut (Aquarius) – Winter Solstice, Watcher of the South, Archangel Gabriel

These four stars are always in the sky “watching” over us and they mark the changes in seasons, which was crucial for staying in sync with the harvest. For this reason, the cross is an ancient symbol of the Four Directions/Four Pillars, honoring the Four Royal Stars.

The cross is found in many varieties all around the world, and further investigation reveals that it dates back to Ancient Mu, Land of the Four Rivers.

cross   sacred symbols of mu

Saturn Return and the Sphinx

Saturn is the Master Teacher in Astrology and it takes it about 28-29 years to pass through the Zodiac. When it returns to the natal placement, we say this is the “Saturn Return” and it is a time Mastery and Completion. This is why Jesus and Buddha began their teaching service after their Saturn Return ended at 30 years old.

Saturn initiates us into the next phase of Life (Child to Adult to Sage). The Saturn Return teaches what we need for our soul’s mission and zeroes our karma up to that point. It is hard for everyone, like how lifting weights tears down the muscle to make it stronger: Saturn restricts so we grow.

The four Royal Stars come up in the Saturn Return. The symbols of the Sphinx and Cherubim are made up of the four fixed signs of the zodiac: Taurus (Bull), Leo (Lion), Scorpio (Eagle), and Aquarius (Man). The Sphinx symbolizes Saturn’s completion of the four realms of the Zodiac and therefore Mastery. This is shown in the Sphinx’s Riddle:

“What creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?”
Answer: Man in the Field of Time. First he crawls (Child), then he walks (Adult), and in old age he must use a cane (Sage).

sphinx  sphinx  cherubim

The Synthesis of these four (Bull, Lion, Eagle, Man) comes together into the 5th (Sphinx—the fifth element—Aether). We repeatedly see this theme with the four coming together into the fifth and reaching an ascended state, for it is written in the stars. This is symbolic of the Ascension Process and Mastery of Light Body, which is also known as the Aether Body or 5D. This is also why the cross is associated with Christ Consciousness.

fifth element  cross

Astrological Christmas Story

solar kingIt is interesting to realize that Archangel Gabriel announces the arrival of Christ in the Bible. Gabriel is the star Fomalhaut and the highest of the Royal Stars on Winter Solstice—Christmas. His arrival at the peak in the sky is on the longest night of the year and reveals that the Son (Sun) will return. The days grow longer than the nights after this, so the Sun literally returns.

The Solar King being born each year on the Winter Solstice symbolizes the Return of Christ Consciousness in all of us, since the Sun also refers to the Spiritual Sun in our Hearts.

May the remainder of 2017 be filled with beautiful revelations.
Love, Wisdom, Power
—December 3, 2017


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Breathwork and Spirit : Throat Chakra Opening Exercises



Breath is synonymous with “Spirit” in almost every tradition. We relate the invisible animating force of the breath with Life and the Holy Spirit. Even the word “Inspiration” has its second meaning as “the drawing in of breath; inhalation.”

When we work with the breath (i.e. pranayama), we are working with our own spirit and our connection to the Great Spirit that moves through us All. Learning breathwork to move energy in the body yokes the Mind, Body, and Spirit together (i.e. yoga).

These breath exercises activate the Throat Chakra, bringing in the Aether Element to the body. Aether is the Fifth Element and associated with 5D, the Throat Chakra, and the synthesis of the Light Body. These exercises will open the Throat Chakra and catalyze the transition to 5D. They unify the whole being and energize with the Life-giving Spirit or Prana.

As with any breathwork exercise, these can have powerful results for anyone devoted to them. Five minutes a day is better than one hour once a week. Make sure you are grounded before doing any breathwork exercise, because the Kundalini fires once the channels are clear and this can be sudden or unexpected.

The goal is to have the Kundalini fire slow, so the results are prolonged and retained, but be aware that it might fire quickly once a block is released. If you experience any strong side effects, just stop the exercise and breathe deeply until your body calibrates. Sudden upsets of emotions are common. Stay grounded and feel them until they pass. You can always tap on the sternum/thymus gland to help regulate the energy flow in the body and aid in any clearing.

Here are some more Kundalini and Breathwork exercises that may be useful.

Ujjayi Breath

(Pronounced “ooh-jah-yee” and means “Victorious Breath”)

You can use this exercise at any time. It will charge up the body with Universal Life Force Energy and aids with healing and vitality.

  1. Inhale slowly through the nose.
  2. Hold the breath at the peak of the inhale until it starts to be uncomfortable.
  3. Tighten the muscles in the back of the throat as you exhale out the nose. These are the muscles as if you were saying “HAAAH” or breathing onto a mirror. It should make a sound as you exhale, even though your mouth is closed. You can also do it with the mouth open and actually hiss HAAAH, if that makes it easier.
  4. Hold the exhalation with the lungs empty until you naturally draw in breath.
  5. Repeat until you feel energized and vibrant. Don’t force any of these steps, as it will do more harm then good. Gentle.

Lion’s Breath

You can use this exercise to clear out energy blockages or to turbo charge the body with energy. Use for 1-5 minutes per day or as needed.

  1. Sit with the back in an upright position, supporting the upper body using the lower back.
  2. Tip the head back as far as is comfortable to hold there for a prolonged period. The further back the better, but do not have any neck strain or hunch the shoulders; be totally relaxed. The neck muscles will strengthen with time and eventually you will be able to hold the head back far enough to look at the ceiling comfortably.
  3. Inhale slowly through the nostrils.
  4. At the peak of the inhale, stick the tongue out as far as you can without straining. Strong exhale out over the back of the tongue. This is different than Ujjayi Breath. That is more like a hiss in the back of the throat and this is more like a soft roar from the lungs.
  5. When the lungs are depleted, strong inhalation.
  6. Repeat. Two options here: Either continue at the same strength as the first breath, or if you feel good, increase speed and power of respiration until you are audibly roaring with the exhales followed by swift inhales. The goal is not to be fast, the goal is to feel the energy powering up the whole body from the Root to the Crown. Feel into each breath and go at the speed and intensity that feels comfortable. It is fine to do this gentle at first until you feel the power rising within.

Many blessings on your Divine Journey!
Love, Wisdom, Power
—November 28, 2017

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6D: Indigos and Third Eye Opening

6D: Indigos and Third Eye OpeningIndigo refers to both a soul group and to babies born with their Third Eye already activated. Indigos are known for increased psychic ability, greater awareness, extra senses, understanding symbols intuitively, and receiving Knowing/Gnosis of the sacred mysteries. A Peacock’s rainbow eyes symbolize the Third Eye Chakra, perceiving all dimensions of existence & awareness.

One of the Indigos main missions here is to bridge the realms of Heaven and Earth. They have hyper awareness of the Astral Plane and are “Bridging” it into union with the physical plane.

The Indigos have been almost non-functional this year, as they have been preparing the 6D timelines for the waves that are currently ascending there. All their excess energy has been going into the mission, though they might not be consciously aware of it. Lack of creativity, feeling lost, and extreme fatigue are likely symptoms.

With the most recent wave of souls who have ascended to 6D, many of the Indigos will be stepping out from behind the scenes and into a visible role in 2018.

Opening the Third Eye and Pineal Gland

In 6D, our Third Eye Chakra “turns on” or activates. This begins a gradual opening of greater awareness to the hundreds of “sixth senses”. The language of symbols opens up and a large veil drops off.

Opening new awareness is tricky, because we can’t know what we have never experienced. We don’t know what to look for. It is a slow process. It can also be scary and cause a frenzy feeling, since our human mind is struggling to understand the new sensations and awarenesses that it has no paradigm to explain.

The Third Eye turns on when the previous five chakras are in balance and open. Like a tree, our roots must be strong if we want our branches to grow tall. The Kundalini crawls up the chakras from the Root to the Crown. The Third Eye Chakra is like antennas that stretch out and feel higher dimensions.

True Sight

The Human Eye picks up light in the colors of Red, Green, and Blue. This is interpreted by the brain to create a compiled image we call Vision. Once the Third Eye opens, we gain another eye that picks up more than just RGB. It senses feelings, emotions, visions, auras, dreams, and hundreds of more senses besides just color and light.

Being able to see outside the 7 color spectrum of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet is not so unusual. Many animals have vision different than our own:

  • Dragonflies see 33 types of light, while we see 3.
  • Snakes see in Infrared, combining heat and smell into an image.
  • Bees sense the electric fields of flowers and see ultraviolet light spectrum.

Since the brain is actually what determines our Vision (compiling the information gained from the eyes), adding this third eye brings actual, tangible changes to Sight. We also gain powerful Inner Vision.

Healing the Third Eye

The Third Eye is ruled by the Pineal Gland in the brain. This gland is often calcified from toxins. Here is a recipe I used to decalcify the pineal gland:

Combine 1 tsp Turmeric + 1 cup warm/hot milk. (Nut milks work great!) Drink once per day.

When we awaken the Third Eye Chakra, there can also be ascension symptoms with the physical eyes. The whole system is moving from two eyes to three eyes, so everything is affected. The eyes often get irritated during this phase, since they are physically embodying these new changes and clearing out old cells. Here is a simple recipe I used to clear the eyes:

1 part apple cider vinegar + 8 parts distilled water. Put a drop in each eye every 4 hours until it clears.

It might burn if there are any infections or irritations in the eyes. You can always add more water to soften this. (Only distilled water!) I have healed full on bacterial eye infections in a couple days with this.

I am not a doctor. Please use your own judgment and consult a physician if necessary before using either of these recipes.


May you always see with Clear Vision.
Love, Wisdom, Power
–November 22, 2017

Featured Photo by: Myloismylife on Wikimedia Commons

Global Harmonizing : Jupiter in Scorpio : Sacral Chakra Balancing

harmonic convergenceGlobal and Sacral Harmonizing

The Equinox Gateway was a powerful alignment to begin bridging our Yin and Yang polarities from Duality into Oneness. [More on the Equinox here. More on 3D to 5D here.] This process involves harmonizing our polarities together: yin/yang, within/without, masculine/feminine, light/dark, active/receptive, electric/magnetic, self/Self, etc. All of these are becoming One.

Union is happening within Gaia, as well as within each one of us. We hold Duality in our bodies in the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras. The Eclipse aligned the Solar Plexus [link], so the Sacral Chakra is next.

The Sacral Chakra is our Sexuality—Masculine and Feminine. As we move into Unity Consciousness, it is no longer useful to have this separation within us. In fact, it cannot sustain itself. This chakra is being Harmonized into Unity. Both Yin and Yang will exist in this chakra no matter the gender. It is not that gender is going away, the same way all polarities are not going away. Instead, think of them as both existing in perfect Harmony, flowing with each other, so they now seem as one.

yin yangMany are already feeling this intensely and this Global Harmonizing will continue and amplify through the Full Moon in Aries. This process is ongoing within and without until each one of us is fully balanced and flowing together in harmony.

For any energy work, it is essential to drink plenty of water and help the physical body detox the old energy. This is especially true with the Sacral Chakra because it rules the Kidneys that help us detox, and it also rules the Water Element.

Be gentle with your body in this time and give it what it needs. Do not try to do what you have always done in the past. We are moving into an entirely New way and the physical vessel is very different. Allow your body, mind, and soul to be tuned to the New. We are integrating our opposites together in mass.

Soul Alchemy of Jupiter in Scorpio

On October 10, 2017, Jupiter is moving into Scorpio until November 8, 2018. Scorpio is the Darkest Dark, the Lightest Light, and the Power to Transcend Both. For the next year, we are expanding themes of relationships, sexuality, alchemy, shadow, Kundalini, awakening, ascension, and transformation.

After the Equinox Harmonizing, we moved into an intense Virgo stellium that purged and cleared our systems, then right into a Libra stellium that is balancing our polar opposites. We will really feel all of this work when Jupiter moves into Scorpio and is joined by the Sun later in the month. Like Alchemy, our opposites of Fire and Water will be poured back and forth until we have been made into FireWater. Our opposites will be merged, swinging from extreme to extreme, until they are One.

Jupiter in Scorpio will also be a time of great abundance for those who have long been on the path and following their heart’s purpose. Scorpio rules wealth, like its opposite sign Taurus. This will be an abundant time for those who are already balanced within, while it may be quite challenging for those who have resisted their heart’s calling up to this point.

It is all for the greater good. For those who are struggling, keep working to heal and transform. Work through your Shadow and Trauma one step at a time. You are fully guided and never abandoned. Reach out to those who have gone before for help if you need. There is so much support here and everyone is capable of this process. We are all in this together.

Finally, there are higher and lower aspects in Astrology and no sign reveals this better than Scorpio. It’s lower aspect is the Scorpion and it ascended is the Eagle. By the time Jupiter is done in this sign, we will all know what it means to transcend our mundane tendencies and become Eagles.

Harmonic Convergence

The Harmonic Convergence was a global prayer on August 16, 1987, where 144,000+ Lightworkers gathered in sacred sites around the world for peace. These types of globally unified actions are always significant. Source has seen and heard the prayer. [I cry even as I write this in pure joy and relief.]

This year on August 16, we passed the 30th Anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence and this 30 is an important marker. Like a Saturn Return, it means that we have been mastered and the Harmonic Convergence has been Actualized in our reality. This is part of what we are experiencing in the Now.

vesica piscisIn Sound, when two different notes are played at the same time, they create a Third Tone, called a Harmonic. This is also how binaural beats work. We are unifying duality in the harmonic of Christ Consciousness (the Third Tone) by bridging Heaven and Earth. A Vesica Piscis illustrates this same concept. Two becoming One and forming a new Third Energy.

We are becoming One, but do not fear losing your individuality. The same way two tones are both played, but the third is created, we will each live our full, sovereign purpose and sing our clear tones together and this will create beautiful chords, known as the Harmony of the Spheres.

A guitar is tuned
By pulling and stretching strings
Into Harmony.

Allow yourself to be Tuned.
Love, Wisdom, Power
—October 4, 2017


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Yin Yang image: Source Unknown
Vesica Piscis image: Source Unknown]

Equinox Balancing, Heart Opening, and Divine Unions

heart opening

Equinox Balancing

The Eclipse mastered and repaired our Solar Plexus Chakra. This is the Third Chakra and associated with the 3D paradigm. It governed personal Will and Sense of Self.

With the Eclipse behind us, the tangible aspects of 3D reality are quickly falling apart. There is no longer any energy to support that way of living. Anything in our lives built around control or selfish gain will crumble.

The Equinox Gateway is open and many are already feeling this. On the Equinox, day and night are equal length and the Sun moves into Libra—the Scales that weigh the heart against the feather of Truth. With the old 3D paradigm quickly fading, we are harmonizing the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine (within and without) in a Grand Balancing of the Scales. This will bring the Global Consciousness into 4D and the Masculine and Feminine will be activating in unison for the Equinox and onward. We are slowly coming together into Oneness.

With a heavy Virgo influence during this time, we are purifying ourselves from the old world and birthing a new Paradigm of Harmony and Equality. It can be scary as we say goodbye to aspects of our lives that no longer serve, but do not be afraid! Everything that falls apart will be rebuilt in a more heart-centered way of living.

The Global Consciousness is collectively ascending into 4D, but individuals can always go higher. However, after Equinox, no one will be able to go below. Gaia is not supporting 3D and that door is closing. The old paradigm existed to explore Self as “separate” from Source–Free Will. Now we take what we have learned to 4D: Living from the Heart.

Awakening into 4D

4D is associated with the Heart Chakra. This is the strongest and largest chakra in the body and the most important. We experience a heart opening and this affects our entire view of reality. Instead of focusing on ourselves, as we did in 3D, we now learn empathy and how to connect with others from the heart for mutual gain in the Highest Good of All.

4D is the alchemical Union of Opposites. [More here.] We are being prepared for the Oneness that comes in 5D and this means all the hidden parts of ourselves must come to light and be integrated into Wholeness. This includes any past suffering, karma, trauma, past lives, shadows, and obsolete density in the body.

This stage of our evolution is challenging. The petals of the Heart Chakra open one-by-one like a Lotus Flower. Some petals are beautiful, some painful, some haggard and worn. Embrace them all and Breathe. This opening can be very painful. Trust that you are well guided by your Divine Team and endure the storms that arise.

We also have an intense stage of Shadow Mastery here. The veils of inner separation fall off, we gain awareness of the Astral Plane, and all our personal demons come to the surface. It’s not that we are suddenly plagued with Shadows or hardship, we just become aware of what has always been inside of us. We cannot blame external people or events; we realize that we are creating all of it.

Beloved Partners, Twin Flames, and Divine Unions

“When male and female combine, all things achieve harmony.” –Tao Te Ching

4D is when we meet our Beloved Partner and experience a Heart Union. With the Global Consciousness ascending into 4D, this will become the new “normal” for relationship patterns in the coming years.

Once we have unified our inner Masculine and Feminine (balancing the polarities within us and bringing them into Union), we experience the physical Union with our Beloved Partner. As within, so without.

Every Union is different and there is a lot of material out there on this. If you have not yet attracted your partner, do not fear! Focus on your inner self-work and this will strengthen your frequency. The stronger your frequency, the stronger you pull them in–like magnets! My book helps with the inner work, if you would like a step-by-step guide to getting through all of it. [link]

If you have not done your self-work, you are not ready for couples work, because the work we do with our Beloved has two Kundalini Serpents, which means it is twice as intense as a single Kundalini Serpent. This is why we must work on ourselves first. [Read more about the Kundalini here.]

Twin Flame Work

Once we are in physical union with our Beloved, we begin Twin Flame Kundalini work. This is where the word “Twin Flame” comes from. The Kundalini is the Inner Fire that crawls up the spine like a Serpent. With our Beloved, we now have Twin Flame Serpents that go back and forth between our two bodies. The two serpents move together in harmonic opposition.


It is extremely taxing and difficult to go through Union and we must be in peak stability and consciousness of Self to endure it successfully. All our strengths and weaknesses are exposed and put to the test. It is scary and some people react to suffering by running away. [This is where “Runner” and “Chaser” dynamics come from, though if you or your partner are running away, it really just means you need to focus on yourself for awhile and heal. Give it space.]

Some get hung up on this stage, because they think they are more advanced than their Beloved and try to manipulate or coach them. We are equals. We have opposite but equal gifts to share with our Beloved. Allow and accept each other for as long as it takes for the Union to be completed. (Union is ongoing, but there is a sort of completion when we reach 5D). Remember that this is lifetimes of karma and trauma being cleared and that is why we wait for our Beloved to help us through it.

We are merging into One. It is scary sometimes. Be patient! Merging with someone else means we simultaneously experience death of our solo-self and rebirth our new joined-self. It is intense. Do not expect to find your Beloved and have them solve everything. It is the opposite, though it is all for the greater good.

We merge together in Body, Mind, and Spirit. Anything that does not suit the Union has to go. Triggers and uncomfortable situations arise to force us to release all the old dense energies from this lifetime and any past lives/residual timelines. We trigger and stir up all the trauma and shadows that we did not want to deal with and we have to go through it, while experiencing a personal death of self, rebirth of a new self, and experiencing all of our partner’s darkest traumas and shadows. Stay with them through all the hardships and you will find your bond growing stronger and stronger until you are unbeatable!

Remember that you are One with your Beloved. Anything you give to them, you are giving to yourself. This is Unconditional Love–knowing your partner as yourself.

When we are drained and exhausted, the last thing we want to do is provide endless love and support to someone else. Yet, this is when it is the most important. It opens the Heart Chakra, which is what 4D is all about. Once the Heart Chakra is fully open and in Union, we are ready for 5D Oneness.

Please Note: Beloved Partnerships are completely different than any relationship we have in 3D. We come together for a joint Mission–it is all about the Mission! The best tip I can give you is to keep your Mind out of it. Let your Heart tell you what is happening in your own Union. Ignore everyone else. Your Union is between the two of you alone [all-one] and it is very special.

So much love to you in your Divine Journey!
Love, Wisdom, Power

–September 21, 2017

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Dragon Image: Source Unknown.]

Emotional Body and Intuition : Emotion Healing Techniques

emotional body
Emotional Body Healing and Intuition

Cleansing the emotional body is an essential part of Ascension. We cannot move into greater power still ruled by our mundane emotions. It’s not that we stop feeling as we rise in frequency, but emotions take on an entirely new purpose as we learn to use our Emotional Body for receiving Intuitive Guidance.

In 4D (associated with the Heart Chakra) we do immense clearing and purging of our Emotional Body, removing all past karma and obsolete programs. To move into the 5D way of living in Harmony, we must be pure hearted.

Clear Emotional Body = Clear Intuition. We feel the Knowing in our bodies and this is using the same system as the emotions. This is why the emotions must be stilled and cleared before we can use this system for real guidance, otherwise it will be clouded with ambiguous feelings and we cannot be a clear channel.


If we do not properly feel and release an emotion, it gets stored within the body vehicle for later processing (karma). We must release the emotions that are stuck inside of us, because they are dense and hold us down like anchors.

As we ascend, these dense energies naturally come up for clearing. Sometimes the Universe will use a “trigger event” to force us to release a stuck blockage in the Emotional Body. This means that something externally happens as a catalyst to bring up an old emotion and provide an opportunity to clear it. When this occurs, we usually find the emotion exploding out of us in forceful tantrum. If this happens, feel the emotion fully and allow it to clear. Stuck energy is leaving and we are dropping density. Allow.

Above all, never ignore your emotions. You are feeling them for a reason and they are valid. To ignore them or bottle them up just stores them in your Emotional Body for a later time, when they become even nastier than they were in the first place.

Emotional Clearing Techniques

We want to feel emotions, not act on them. Healing the emotional body removes us from the space of reacting to our environment, and frees us to act with consciousness.

The ego/monkey mind loves to hijack the Emotional Body and use it in its paradigm. Just feel your emotions without creating a reason for them. Feel how you feel until the wave swells and subsides. No explanation needed.

By doing our internal work with consciousness to clear and release emotions, we can release blockages in a much more graceful way than triggers. The following techniques release stuck emotions, so they can be cleared in the most gentle way possible.

Be ready for whatever arises, as they often bring up challenging feelings and past trauma. Know yourself and only do this work when you are really ready to face your demons, as they are hidden in your shadow for a reason.


thymus tapping

Any time you are struggling with an emotion, you can simply tap on your thymus to release. Tap with a rhythmic, gentle thump and breathe steady. You can tap hard or soft, whatever feels right to you. Sometimes I use my palm to really strike hard, while other times I tap with one finger in a gentle pulse.

Continue tapping until the emotional wave subsides.


Many of us have learned how to cry wrong… Not that there is anything “wrong”, but the way many of us cry is actually counterproductive to releasing the emotion. We tend to hold the emotion in, gasping or tensing up. This is what causes the emotions to get stuck in the first place.

To properly release emotions, breathe deep breaths and sigh/groan as you exhale. This will use the exhale to release the emotion from the body and bring quick relief from the internal agony that is caused from holding on to it. At first it seems strange to cry this way, but you will quickly become used to it and find it brings almost instant relief.

The sigh is the most important part. Get audible. You can also try speaking affirmations as you do it, such as:

“I love and accept myself.” *sigh*
“I allow this emotion to pass through me and release.” *exhale*
“I am ready to heal from this past trauma.” *groan*

Feel the entire emotion release out through your breath.


emotional freedom techniqueYou can find a lot of material on E.F.T. online. This technique teaches us to tap on the major meridians of the body, where emotions tend to get stuck or blocked.

Start by massaging the “tender spot” above the heart, then tap the following Meridians 3-5 times and repeat:

  1. Top of the Head
  2. Bone above the eyebrow
  3. Temples
  4. Bone underneath the eye
  5. Indent underneath the nose and above the lips
  6. Indent underneath the mouth above the chin
  7. Beneath the collar bones
  8. Thymus/Heart/Sternum
  9. Front of the ribs, below the breast
  10. Ribs under the arm
  11. Side of Thumb
  12. Pointer Finger
  13. Middle Finger
  14. Ring Finger
  15. Pinky
  16. Side of the Palm
  17. Inside of the Wrist

Do this for 15-20 minutes or until the emotion releases. You can focus on your breathing or speak out loud about whatever issue is bothering you. Continue to breathe big sighs, as in the previous exercise, to release the emotions that arise.


violet flameViolet is the highest frequency of visible light we can visualize. We can use this to transmute the shadow, karma, and emotions.

When an emotion gets hold of you, feel it, expand into it, and let the whole feeling overwhelm you. You are safe. You are secure. Visualize the Violet Flame surrounding your whole body, or the place where the emotion is most intense. This will remove all the emotional residue, release any blockages, release the trigger, and burn it all away in epic glory. This is what we call Transmutation of Emotions—emotional transformation.

Try speaking out loud:

“I call on the Violet Flame to remove any density that no longer serves. I release this energy back to the Infinite.”

Engulf your pain in the Violet Flame.


Wishing you all the best in cleansing your Emotional Body and opening up to higher and higher states of awareness.
Love, Wisdom, Power

–September 2, 2017

Counting Breaths Meditation

counting breaths meditationThe Counting Breaths Meditation is one of the most used. It is a basic technique that works for beginners and advanced students.

  1. Sit in a comfortable position: Lotus, Half Lotus, or cross-legged. If you cannot be comfortable in any of these, just sit upright in a chair.
  2. Relax your body.
  3. Pay attention to your breath.
    Feel the breath in your nostrils. Do not regulate the breath; just observe it. Perhaps you have shallow breaths or long breaths. Experience them.
  4. Count your breaths.
    When you are ready, start counting your inhalations and exhalations. One: Inhale. Two: Exhale. Counting breaths focuses the mind on something, while yoking the mind to the body. You could also use a mantra.
  5. Center and Focus.
    If your mind wanders away—like a baby escaping their mother—gently bring it back to counting and start over at “one”.
  6. Mental Savasana (Rest).
    At the end of your meditation, do not rush off the mat. Like yoga, the end is the most important part. The focus attained from counting breaths is released. Just breathe and experience Silence.

At first, the mind will be cluttered with a chattering monkey mind. If you have never meditated, you have an entire lifetime of thoughts to still. It just takes time. There is no way to be “good” or “bad” at meditation. It is a Meditation Practice. We meditate to bring mental clarity and stillness as an undercurrent for the rest of our busy lives.

It is better to meditate for five minutes every morning, than one hour once a week. Even if you just get up and sit in the silent darkness for five minutes before work, this is enough at first, until you get the habit down. Once you have carved out this space of stillness, you will start to crave it. Your meditation practice can grow from there.


–August 28, 2017

*Mahatma Buddha photo from the Public Domain

9D: Zero Point, Sophia, and the Inner Stargate

TorusThe portals for 8D/9D are open and these frequencies are available on Gaia. For many still working through 3D and 4D Karma, these higher frequencies can be very challenging, because they accelerate our Ascension. Know that you are working through a great deal of past karma in a very short amount of time. It is intense, but you can do it!

8D and 9D Dual Energy

While 8D is Christ Consciousness (more about that here), 9D is Sophia Consciousness. The Return of the Sacred Feminine is the return of 9D to this planet. This frequency has not been available for ages and these are truly exciting times!

Though we distinguish these as 8D and 9D, they are actually equal and cooperative forces. The Infinity sign reflects both: The farthest edges of the figure 8 are the amplification of opposites (8D), then the point in the center is Zero Point (9D). This is also like the Torus Field.

Infinity Torus

The energy of 8D is Electric-Masculine in nature and has an amplifying effect on everything it comes in contact with. 9D has the opposite effect. It is Sophia Consciousness and is Magnetic-Feminine in nature. This means it holds space in Zero Point. It nullifies, neutralizes, and holds the energy.

8D and 9D cannot exist without each other and always come paired as Energy in Motion. It is the Union of the Christos-Sophia. However, in physical Ascension, we embody 8D first to open the Thymus Chakra and then 9D forms a Void in the center (also known as a Stargate).

8D is challenging on 3D and 4D because we have not yet integrated our opposites (more here). When 8D hits, it tends to look like chaos, because the energy is osculating between extremes and the further apart our opposites are, the more this feels like waves throwing us around. Once we integrate into Oneness (5D), amplification feels really good and gives us bright golden energy to create with.

9D is challenging in a different way. After the amplification of 8D, 9D goes suddenly still into Zero Point and Divine Neutrality. This stillness forces us to face our own selves and can bring on feelings of Melancholy or feeling “blah”. The ego does not like this stillness and tends to freak out in the silence, bringing up any shadow aspects that have not yet been integrated. We become hyper-aware of our internal dialogue and emotions. (Note: There is also a melancholy when we jump timelines, which is feeling the loss of our 3D self. 9D is different; it is Void and the stillness can be somber and sad.)

The Silver Ray of Sophia Consciousness (9D) further opens and activates the Thymus Chakra. It also opens two minor chakras on the shoulders, where the Wings form in the Light Body, and a minor chakra on the back of the head called the Dreamwell.

Once we embody Wings in our Light Body, we are broken free from the Karmic Cycle. After 9D, we are no longer required to incarnate on Gaia and can move on to a higher frequency world, if we desire. (Or you can return, as many choose to do, since Gaia is the most beautiful planet in existence. Just saying!)

9D Paradigm and the Inner Stargate

The trick to getting through 9D is staying in a neutral space of non-judgment. We experience an initiation of being tested in every way at 9D to trick us into judging others. To get our Wings, we must hold this space of Divine Neutrality, at the center of the Torus Field, allowing the world to exist and allowing ourselves to be in it. No need to change it or have resistance to it. We just Are and everything just Is. It’s a beautiful space to exist in, once you have it mastered.

When we open 9D in the Heart Chakra, it opens a Stargate/Portal/Void there. This is the Center of our Torus Field. Creation occurs from this Center of our Being. Since it is Zero Point, we can access all of existence by centering into the heart. That’s why it is seen as a Stargate, because we can use it to astral travel to any point anywhere; this is also why the Dreamwell activates at this time, to help us navigate. We can also use Zero Point to bring in energy from anywhere, which is what is involved with a lot of Gatekeepers and Portal Keepers. (You will know if this is you, because you will receive the proper initiations and downloads of information that pertain to your mission.)

Opening the Inner Stargate brings immense power. This is why the Initiation for 9D is so challenging and we are tested so heavily. Once 9D is embodied, we have the ability to bring in planetary energies. We must be Neutral before we have this ability, because it is very powerful and cannot be used to serve the self.


I am excited to offer this information, as the fulfillment of my soul’s longing. Take what resonates and leave the rest.
Love, Wisdom, Power
–August 11, 2017

Physical to Light Body to Crystal : The Body’s Ascension from 3D to 8D

light bodyEvolving our 3D physical matter bodies is quite a process and we go through many phases in this Ascension. I hope to bring some clarity to the terms we are using and what is actually occurring in the body.

Please Note: This is an inter-dimensional process. We use words the best we can, but you must understand the deeper levels of what is being said here. I list all of this in a linear way, but it is all occurring simultaneously. We ebb and flow between dimensions as we grow and master each phase. Also, you have Free Will and do not have to go about your Ascension in this way. This is a road map.

3D to 4D: Aligning the Light Body

The first step in 3D Ascension is to align and develop our Light Body. The Egyptians called the Light Body our “Ka” or “Light Body Double.” The Light Body includes energetic aspects, chakras, aura, meridians, and light organs. The Light Body mirrors our Physical Body in almost every way, except there is no 3D physical aspect. It is energy or light that mimics the 3D body.

When we are in 3D, our goal is to heal our chakras, cleanse our bodies, and live as healthy as possible. When we are self-destructive, eat unhealthy, lack exercise, or live a spiritually void existence, it throws our Light Body out of alignment, or prevents it from developing properly. This can lead to many problems. When the Light Body is strong, whole, and in alignment with our Physical Body, we move into 4D.

My book assists in the process of 3D to 4D and on. Learning to fully love my Self is the way that I healed and aligned the Ka. This book is a guide through the internal process.

4D to 5D: Union of Light Body and Physical Body

In 4D, we Unify our Opposites and become One. This includes the Light Body and the Physical Body. These two aspects of ourselves merge together in an internal Alchemical Union.

When the Light Body is developed and in full alignment, we begin a slow die off of our physical matter body. This is the Death and Rebirth phase. When the Light Body is fully formed, we no longer need the physical form. In fact, the physical form becomes a burden to us.

There is quite a lot involved in this process. I have discussed 4D in previous articles [Kundalini and Ascension Stages]. Most of it I cannot say generally, because it is so specific to the alchemical union.

5D to 7D: Light Body

Once we pass the 50% mark, where most of our form has become Light Body and the Physical Body has mostly passed, we are considered to be in 5D. In this phase, the Light Body is in form and activated.

From 5D to 7D, we are mastering our Light Body and letting go of the remaining Physical Body. The Light Body is a physical body, but it is much less dense than the 3D body was. Many people lose a great deal of weight during this phase (even if they do not necessarily change waist size), as well as work through dis-eases in the body.

We become Masters by the time we reach 7D, with a Perfect Light Body and no remaining 3D body.

Alex Grey

This artwork is by Alex Grey. You can find more of his work here. I am in no way affiliated with Alex Grey, other than pure inspiration.

8D: Crystal Body

When we have our full Light Body activated and have moved through 7D into Union with Source, then the Kundalini reverses from the top of the Crown and returns to the Heart Chakra.

The Crystal (Krystal, Christ-el) Body is the next phase after we have our Light Body or Ka Body. When the Kundalini reaches the Heart Chakra, it begins a golden process of turning the entire body to Crystal.

The energy of the Light Body is put under a great deal of pressure and stress. All of our weaknesses are prodded, all our temptations are tempted, and we are truly put to the test. Do not mistake this for the Shadow Mastery that occurs in 4D, which is also an intense testing period of initiation before 5D.

This whole process of extreme pressure catalyzes our transition to the Crystal Body. One cell at a time, our Light Body is refined and mastered. It is called Crystal because the Light Body is in perfect alignment like the structure of a crystal.

crystal structure

Image source unknown.

Beyond 8D

In 8D, we become truly inter-dimensional beings. Many “super powers” come at this point because we have cast off our chrysalis and become a Butterfly.

The rest of Ascension after 8D takes place in the Heart, with additional chakras opening there. Some perceive these chakras above the head, because they have not physically embodied them. They are perceiving the chakra of their Higher Self and see it as external. The goal is to bring all the chakras into our embodiment here on Gaia. Each additional chakra opens around the heart, forming a lattice within and bringing more and more special abilities and mastery, forever and ever.

Many blessings on your Divine Ascension. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest.
Love, Wisdom, Power
–July 28, 2017