Emotional Body and Intuition : Emotion Healing Techniques

emotional body
Emotional Body Healing and Intuition

Cleansing the emotional body is an essential part of Ascension. We cannot move into greater power still ruled by our mundane emotions. It’s not that we stop feeling as we rise in frequency, but emotions take on an entirely new purpose as we learn to use our Emotional Body for receiving Intuitive Guidance.

In 4D (associated with the Heart Chakra) we do immense clearing and purging of our Emotional Body, removing all past karma and obsolete programs. To move into the 5D way of living in Harmony, we must be pure hearted.

Clear Emotional Body = Clear Intuition. We feel the Knowing in our bodies and this is using the same system as the emotions. This is why the emotions must be stilled and cleared before we can use this system for real guidance, otherwise it will be clouded with ambiguous feelings and we cannot be a clear channel.


If we do not properly feel and release an emotion, it gets stored within the body vehicle for later processing (karma). We must release the emotions that are stuck inside of us, because they are dense and hold us down like anchors.

As we ascend, these dense energies naturally come up for clearing. Sometimes the Universe will use a “trigger event” to force us to release a stuck blockage in the Emotional Body. This means that something externally happens as a catalyst to bring up an old emotion and provide an opportunity to clear it. When this occurs, we usually find the emotion exploding out of us in forceful tantrum. If this happens, feel the emotion fully and allow it to clear. Stuck energy is leaving and we are dropping density. Allow.

Above all, never ignore your emotions. You are feeling them for a reason and they are valid. To ignore them or bottle them up just stores them in your Emotional Body for a later time, when they become even nastier than they were in the first place.

Emotional Clearing Techniques

We want to feel emotions, not act on them. Healing the emotional body removes us from the space of reacting to our environment, and frees us to act with consciousness.

The ego/monkey mind loves to hijack the Emotional Body and use it in its paradigm. Just feel your emotions without creating a reason for them. Feel how you feel until the wave swells and subsides. No explanation needed.

By doing our internal work with consciousness to clear and release emotions, we can release blockages in a much more graceful way than triggers. The following techniques release stuck emotions, so they can be cleared in the most gentle way possible.

Be ready for whatever arises, as they often bring up challenging feelings and past trauma. Know yourself and only do this work when you are really ready to face your demons, as they are hidden in your shadow for a reason.


thymus tapping

Any time you are struggling with an emotion, you can simply tap on your thymus to release. Tap with a rhythmic, gentle thump and breathe steady. You can tap hard or soft, whatever feels right to you. Sometimes I use my palm to really strike hard, while other times I tap with one finger in a gentle pulse.

Continue tapping until the emotional wave subsides.


Many of us have learned how to cry wrong… Not that there is anything “wrong”, but the way many of us cry is actually counterproductive to releasing the emotion. We tend to hold the emotion in, gasping or tensing up. This is what causes the emotions to get stuck in the first place.

To properly release emotions, breathe deep breaths and sigh/groan as you exhale. This will use the exhale to release the emotion from the body and bring quick relief from the internal agony that is caused from holding on to it. At first it seems strange to cry this way, but you will quickly become used to it and find it brings almost instant relief.

The sigh is the most important part. Get audible. You can also try speaking affirmations as you do it, such as:

“I love and accept myself.” *sigh*
“I allow this emotion to pass through me and release.” *exhale*
“I am ready to heal from this past trauma.” *groan*

Feel the entire emotion release out through your breath.


emotional freedom techniqueYou can find a lot of material on E.F.T. online. This technique teaches us to tap on the major meridians of the body, where emotions tend to get stuck or blocked.

Start by massaging the “tender spot” above the heart, then tap the following Meridians 3-5 times and repeat:

  1. Top of the Head
  2. Bone above the eyebrow
  3. Temples
  4. Bone underneath the eye
  5. Indent underneath the nose and above the lips
  6. Indent underneath the mouth above the chin
  7. Beneath the collar bones
  8. Thymus/Heart/Sternum
  9. Front of the ribs, below the breast
  10. Ribs under the arm
  11. Side of Thumb
  12. Pointer Finger
  13. Middle Finger
  14. Ring Finger
  15. Pinky
  16. Side of the Palm
  17. Inside of the Wrist

Do this for 15-20 minutes or until the emotion releases. You can focus on your breathing or speak out loud about whatever issue is bothering you. Continue to breathe big sighs, as in the previous exercise, to release the emotions that arise.


violet flameViolet is the highest frequency of visible light we can visualize. We can use this to transmute the shadow, karma, and emotions.

When an emotion gets hold of you, feel it, expand into it, and let the whole feeling overwhelm you. You are safe. You are secure. Visualize the Violet Flame surrounding your whole body, or the place where the emotion is most intense. This will remove all the emotional residue, release any blockages, release the trigger, and burn it all away in epic glory. This is what we call Transmutation of Emotions—emotional transformation.

Try speaking out loud:

“I call on the Violet Flame to remove any density that no longer serves. I release this energy back to the Infinite.”

Engulf your pain in the Violet Flame.


Wishing you all the best in cleansing your Emotional Body and opening up to higher and higher states of awareness.
Love, Wisdom, Power

–September 2, 2017

Author: Karen Neverland

I am here to Create Beauty • Dragon Rishi • Reiki Master • Ascension Astrology • Healing/Guidance • Scribe