Gaia’s Light Body : 12D Platinum Dragon Line Grid

Gaia Light BodyStabilizing the Core

During tumultuous times in Gaia’s distant past, the Dragon Line Grid was destroyed and the planet fell into a deep sleep. During that time, the core became unstable and there was real concern about the planet’s ability to continue her existence.

When this occurred, the Pleiadian Council was brought in with their advanced energy technology to stabilize the core of the planet. Though Star Family is not usually allowed to interfere with a planet or its peoples in a physical way, in this situation it was required.

The Pleiadians have overseen the stabilization of the planet’s core for a very long time. I am excited to announce that they have removed all of their energy technology and Gaia’s core is now being stabilized by humans incarnate in body.

Though the Pleiadians will still remain around Gaia for their own purposes of observation, they are no longer directly interacting with the planet, as is in accordance with Galactic Law. They may still be contacted by individuals and groups functioning within their own Free Will, but they cannot interact with the planet as a whole, unless invited by the planet as a whole.

Gaia’s Kundalini Serpents

With the stabilization of Gaia’s Core, the planet is preparing to release her Inner Kundalini Serpents throughout her chakras. She is fully awake and actually initiating this process. There is nothing to fear. There are many humans holding the stability of the planet as these critical shifts occur and there is no danger from this energy surge to the beings on the surface.

This process will drastically re-work the core of the planet. It is already in process. Those beings who reside within Inner Gaia have been guided to leave and most have shifted to a higher dimension for the time being, to remove themselves from the possible harm of the energy surges within the planet’s body.

When the planet’s Kundalini triggers, quick energy activations and minor pulses of electricity will be passing through our bodies, which is why it was necessary to accelerate the ascension up to this point. Humans have outperformed all expectations and the planet is ahead of schedule in her Ascension. All beings on Gaia are physically ready for the Kundalini Activation of the Planet.

12D Dragon Line Grid

Out of necessity, the newly formed Dragon Line Grid was in the realms of 7D/8D/9D. This is not the grid’s true position, but it helped to ‘summon’ and ‘actualize’ the dragons on Gaia. This allowed the dragons to gain power and strength.

Meanwhile, the 12D Platinum Grid was in the works. The 12D Platinum Grid has been filled with the Crystalline Light of the Sun and now shimmers, fully actualized at 12D. Its Dodecahedron Template now glistens above us and functions as Gaia’s Light Body in a beautiful shield of Divine Light and Love.

With the 12D grid in place, it was a quick dimensional shift to bring the dragons from the lower grid to the higher one. The Dragon Line Grid has been actualized in 12D, where it is intended to reside.

The grid is in place and the dragons can now move completely Sovereign and Free in communion with Gaia. They have full access to the planet and have been working daily to activate and awaken all parts of Gaia’s physical body. They are empowered to serve Gaia’s Will in every capacity, even when it overrides a human’s will (if they are in conflict.)

Gaia’s Will always overrides a human’s because we cannot live without her. You may experience this as a twisting sensation in the gut or nausea. If you feel this, double-check your intentions and make sure you are following your heart and the Highest Good of All.

We will start seeing many physical results from this override in the coming years as Gaia’s Beauty grows more and more every day. Toxic areas of the planet will be dissolved and absorbed into the Higher Frequencies. Animals and plant life will return with incredible speed.

Sovereign Wings

We go through both a physical ascension and a spiritual ascension. The goal is to raise both together, but they often must ascend separately, and then unify later. This is the same for Gaia. Though the core of the planet is at 5D, Gaia’s Light Body now extends all the way to 12D.

When a being passes 9D, they gain wings and are freed from the Karmic Cycle. This moves them into a new octave of being. With the full actualization of the 12D Platinum Grid, Gaia has zeroed her karma and gained her Freedom. This means that she has a new, beautiful pair of Platinum Wings stretching across Time and Space. These allow her to adjust her orbits, axis, and poles as she needs. In this new octave, Gaia is Sovereign and allowed greater freedom to decide her own fate and the direction she would like to go in her evolution.

Communing with Gaia

Every time I commune with Gaia, she expresses her admiration for Humans. She has made great efforts to keep us alive, as she ascends. It is unusual for a planet to ascend with sentient life on board. This process has been at great sacrifice to her well-being, but she is filled with Love and excited with how many have made it through the last Gate/Timeline Jump.

This is the completion of the project to renew Gaia’s Dragon Line Grid. It is possible that this grid will be open for human use within the coming years. As powerful and enlightened beings awaken on Gaia and form a relationship with the planet, she will decide who to allow in, as energy permits. At that time, beings will undergo intense Gaia Initiations (trials to invoke DNA activation) to learn how to interact appropriately.

For now, using the Dragon Line Grid is closed to all except Gaia, until the illusion of separation has been fully removed from power. The dragons may be contacted to assist you in your life, but they too have Free Will and function under the Law of One (We Are All One).

All of this is possible because of the personal efforts of humans all over the world. Thank You.

Love, Wisdom, and Power
–May 5, 2017

Author: Karen Neverland

I am here to Create Beauty • Dragon Rishi • Reiki Master • Ascension Astrology • Healing/Guidance • Scribe