Healing & Guidance

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I look forward to working with you on your Divine Path. Follow your own inner guidance. Love, Wisdom, and Power


Reiki & Healing Sessions

Reiki Healing & Attunements  • Energetic Healing • Transmute, Balance, Energize, and Unify New Light Integration • Light Body Assessments


Astrology Charts

Charts & Classes • Natal Chart Reports • Evolutionary Astrology • Know Yourself, Love Yourself, Master Yourself

Return of Christ Consciousness

Guidance Sessions

In the Aquarian Age there are no gurus. We are all masters. Let’s work together and guide you through your unique, spiritual journey.


You are a Sovereign Being. I am a lamppost to guide you to your own Light.

I am open to all who seek with open heart. If you resonate with me and my teachings, don’t hesitate to email me. Time permitting, I answer  questions on Twitter at no charge, if they will benefit All. Use the Email Questions option for details specific to your personal journey.

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