Astrology Charts

AstrologyOne-On-One Sessions: $50/hour
Email Reports: $75

Natal Chart Reports

The Cosmos is a perfectly orchestrated system of Oneness. The natal chart is a snapshot of the Universe at the moment of your birth that reveals your highest potential. I help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your template, so that you can live in accordance with your Highest Good.

Discover the hidden gems in your chart that you won’t find with an automated website! I look at the entirety of your chart to help you understand yourself more deeply, maximize the gifts you were born with, and move forward on your path.

Send me your birth date, time, and location. I read charts using a combination of astrology and intuitive guidance. We will either discuss the chart in your session, or I will email you the report (about 3 dense pages.) Emailed reports are sent within 1-2 weeks of receiving your payment and birth info.

Astrology Email Questions: $5.55 

If you have had a previous Astrology Session with me, so I have your chart made, you can email me any time with questions on your personal astrology.

If you have not had a session with me before, first time questions are $25 and then $5.55 after that.

  • How will current astrology will affect you personally?
  • What does a specific aspect mean for you?
  • Do you need clarity about a detail in your chart?

Answers within 24-48 hours in most situations.


Click the link and email me with your availability at
Sessions are available by Skype, Phone, or in Portland, Oregon.

Booking a Session or Reading

I have embodied my Oversoul Complex/Higher Selves and my guidance is attained through the Heart Center. It is a Knowing that comes through Love and Union with Source and Self. This is possible for everyone and I stand as a guide to assist the Highest Good and Sovereignty of All.

  1. Submit payment for the type of session you are looking for. If you are not certain where to start, try the Light Body Assessment, Guidance Session, or Astrology Natal Chart.
  2. Send me your Birth Date, Time, and Location, so I can pull your Natal Chart.
  3. If booking a session, I will contact you to arrange a time and date for our meeting (either in person, phone, or Skype).
  4. Let me know if you have a specific focus, question, or intention for the session.

That’s it! After you send me your intention for the session, I will pull your astrology chart, as well as meditate with your Higher Self, and write down notes to share with you in the session that are specific to you.

Please submit payments 24 hours in advance, so I have time to create the report and meditate with your Higher Self beforehand.

I look forward to working with you on your own Divine Path.

love wisdom power
Follow your own inner guidance.
Love, Wisdom, and Power



You are a Sovereign Being. I am a lamppost to guide you to your own Light.

I am open to all who seek with open heart. If you resonate with me and my teachings, don’t hesitate to email me. Time permitting, I answer generic questions by email and Twitter at no charge. Use the Questions option for details specific to your personal journey.


***If you need to cancel or reschedule your session, please let me know 24 hours in advance. Refunds will be minus any applicable PayPal fees.***