Jump to 5D : Anchoring New Grids

New Light

For the past week, we have been blasted with the 8D Gold Ray from the Sun–high frequency Light. It is exhausting and draining if you have not been experiencing this level of Light in your body. The purpose of bringing in this Ray is to obliterate the old, fragmented grids. It is a vibration so high that the low density stuff cannot stay stuck in place. Imagine sand on a speaker. The sand is jostled around as the sound waves vibrate. This is what is happening inside our bodies. All the low density (3D) is the sand that is jostled by the high frequency that comes in. (See end of the article for a video.)

Higher frequencies are less dense. This means that 5D Gaia is expanded from the 3D form. This is why it was necessary to form new grids. The other ones were not sufficient to support Gaia’s expanding Light Body.

New GridThis initial blast has short-circuited the old grids and they are in a state of collapse. Though little seems to change in our day-to-day life, everything is different. It feels different. Visualize this as a balloon covered in papier-mâché. The papier-mâché is hardened and formed (New 5D Grids) and now the balloon underneath (3D Grids) has been “popped”. We feel this as a jarring and destabilizing effect, but in truth, we are letting go of what no longer serves. Everything we need is within the new grid systems.

There is another influx coming, but we have a brief reprieve. This is a gift so we can detox everything that was shaken loose before the next blast. Anger, sadness, pain, and loss are all coming up for clearing. They have been stored in the body, weighing us down, but now they must be released. We experience them as they leave the body. Feeling these intense emotions is good, though it does not seem so in the moment. Get it all out. Do not judge yourself. If you need to scream in your car, do it. If you need to go back to bed and sleep for a whole day, do it. Listen to yourself and clear whatever arises. Do not be afraid. Your guides are working with you constantly.

Violet Ray and Transmutation of Karma

The Gold Ray was like bringing a candle into a dark room. All the dark and forgotten parts of ourselves got illuminated. Shadow aspects had a big spot light on them and it’s difficult to accept what we see in ourselves.

During this break between influxes, the planet is bathed in the 7D Violet Ray. The Violet Flame’s mastery is in the ability to instantly transmute lower densities into the higher. When we are detoxing karma and old wounds that existed in 3D, this Ray comes in for enhanced clearing.

In 5D Gaia, all is Pure and True. You cannot take 3D programs with you–they are too heavy. If you are struggling with this step of releasing the old, focus on the Violet Flame and visualize it burning off any heaviness or density that still exists inside of you. It can heal anything. The Violet Ray does not pass judgment. It is available even for the darkest and most vile among us. That is its Beauty. Understand that fact and you will be able to Forgive Yourself.

You can call on the Violet Ray to transmute your karma and core wounds. There is no reason to suffer anymore. We have all suffered enough. Avoid locking yourself into suffering because you think you need to work it off. That was the old system of karma that is being rewritten. You do not need to punish yourself, but in a Free Will world, you can absolutely lock yourself in that reality and get stuck there. Do not fear. All that is required is an earnest intention. Everyone is capable of this. Your own belief is your only limitation. Every being can make this Free Will choice, but it is a lot of work.

Releasing from 3D Gaia

In order to release yourself from the old grids, you must consciously withdraw your energy from them. This will be very easy now that they are in a state of collapse. Any soul fragments or energetic debris is just “floating” around, waiting for you to command it back to you. If you feel that you are still anchored or tethered to the old grid, just command out loud:

“I call all my selves and energy back to myself. I command my energy with mastery.”

Breathe, open your heart, and repeat. This will withdraw any energy that is still lingering in the old grids and pull it into yourself. These pieces will come back almost instantaneously now, whereas it used to take a long time.

You can also visualize your roots coming up from the 3D Earth or some other visualization to consciously withdraw your energy from 3D. Once you have done this you can re-anchor into the New Grid. Visualize your roots going down to the now crystalline core of 5D Gaia.

Time Re-Calibration

As we move into 5D Gaia, there are a lot of changes happening all at once–time blends, blurs, and fades entirely. This is difficult for the mind to comprehend and we can feel like we’re losing our sanity. Instead of experiencing things one at a time, we now experience things all at once in our consciousness. Then we have to let it play out in 3D and this is madness to the old mind programs.

This new awareness of multiple timelines and new senses can cause “overwhelm”, which is a state of shock, stress, strain, exhaustion, and system shut-down. You are perfectly safe. You are just re-calibrating. Focus on one thing at a time. It is really important that you stay grounded: meditation, hiking, walking, salt baths, etc. You can even just sit on the planet for awhile.

Try not to focus on what is happening in 3D. It is a distraction, albeit a painful one. You must detach from it. If beings choose to stay in the collapsing grid that is their Free Will choice and we must honor it. The only thing that keeps you stuck on that grid is the refusal to leave. If you want to leave, you will leave. Everyone is being prompted. Everyone has a Higher Self. Focus on your journey and let them focus on theirs.

These are all tools to assist you in making the jump to 5D. It has to be done with conscious intent. All that is required is that you make that choice for yourself. You have Free Will and we cannot force you into 5D.

You are on track and on time. It is never too late. New Earth waits with open arms to embrace your weary soul.

–March 30, 2017

Author: Karen Neverland

I am here to Create Beauty • Dragon Rishi • Reiki Master • Ascension Astrology • Healing/Guidance • Scribe