Lions Gate through the Eclipse : Golden Light and Creator Beings

Lion's GateLion’s Gate and Eclipse

We are entering frequency bands of the Cosmos that are much higher in frequency than we are used to. This requires upgrades to the body vehicle to help us adjust. This energy is not stepping back down and expect these waves to increase and continue as we head into the Eclipse and on. The August Eclipse is a powerful springboard to launch the New World.

The Lion’s Gate is an 8D frequency band, on the same wavelength as Christ Consciousness. This golden energy is now available on Gaia for those choosing to participate in the Ascension Process.

8D amplifies everything. If there are intense polar opposites within you, they crash against each other and may cause discomfort. This is why we have been pushed to go to 5D so quickly, because by the time we are fully immersed in this energy in the future, anything below 5D is not going to be sustainable.

8D will eventually remove all sickness, death, and suffering from the planet. We are being introduced to this energy in controlled waves before we hit the actual band in the Cosmos to help us adjust slowly. These waves stimulate our ascension and the body vehicle’s evolution, so we can bring our physical forms up in frequency very quickly.

If we were to stay at 3D and then hit the 8D frequency band, all life would be destroyed. In order to prevent this, the Higher Realms planned a stair-step model to raise frequency step-by-step, so the body vehicle has time to acclimate. No fear. If you are committed to your ascension and open to the changes occurring, you will be led through this process. Just take it a day at a time. One step at a time.

Creator Beings

When we embody 8D, we have the power of the Sun within our hearts and the Thymus Chakra is fully open and activated. This brings gold energy to our auras and makes us powerful Creator Beings. This is a new tier of existence, where we are greater trusted with immense power.

Since living in 8D has already completed the first seven densities, we move into a role of Service to Others in a greater way. (In 1D-7D, we focus on self, since we are mastering our 7 chakras in body.) This upgrade in power comes with the condition that we are now living in Service. It has a check-and-balance on this power, because to attempt to use it in service to self pushes us back into 7D and removes our access to the gold creation energy.

Many will waffle back and forth with this boundary as they learn to use this new, powerful frequency to create and recreate the world around us for the Highest Good of All.

Moving into 8D

Synchronicities and symbolism with Royalty, 8, 888, Lions, and Bees come up when we enter and move through this phase of ascension or frequency band. We are now trusted to be in control of our own lives and the training wheels come off. This Lion’s Gate gives everyone a taste for what it is like to live in 8D.

Lions and Bees are strong symbols for this stage. Bees live in conscious bliss of purpose and satisfaction, always in Service to their Collective. Lions are the Kings and Queens of the jungle, living as Sovereign beings able to kill and destroy everything, but always in control of their power. Bees and Lions are associated with Royalty because they are 8D. This is the same reason Jesus is called the King, though Christ Consciousness is not about a specific religion. It is a level of conscious awareness in Self Mastery, Service, and Compassion. The Golden Rule of treat others as you wish to be treated is the crux of 8D.

While there are no-doubt infinite ways to evolve the body into 8D, my guides have said: “There are some doorways you can only go through with another.” The 8D Doorway appears in my mind’s eye as an infinity sign–a sideways Figure 8. Two humans in Union step through this doorway together. I am in no way saying you have to be in a Union with another to go through this gate, but you must merge your internal opposite polarities to Zero Point at the center of the Figure 8 to do so, and for many this includes physical Union with their Opposite.

The Union of a Masculine and Feminine polarity creates a Third Energy. This is the 8D Frequency of Creation. Alchemy, Gnostism, and many esoteric religions have metaphors for this state of being.

[Note: I have been hesitant to reveal this information, due to the seeming hysteria that already exists around “Twin Flames,” which is actually an earned status of devotion within a committed partnership. Yet, the necessity of this information for those who are ready for it exceeds any risk at this time.]

Gaia in 8D

The core of Gaia is accepting 8D readily and growing immensely. Gaia’s 8D embodiment is coming in strong. This energy is intended to ignite the Solar Energy in Gaia’s core, making her a sort of sun and Creator Being herself (though she is obviously much different than our Sun.) When this occurs sometime in the future, 8D will radiate from Gaia’s core, as well as from the Cosmos. As above, so below.

Gaia has no intention of stopping her ascension for the people struggling in lower densities. Her compassion has no end, and it is from a space of compassion that she is raising her frequency so quickly–to alleviate suffering and prepare us for even higher frequencies to come.


Take what resonates and leave the rest. You are exactly where you need to be in your journey. Everything is going as planned and on time. Follow your own path, do your inner work in earnest with an open heart, and you will go as far as you want to go.

The Universe will bend Time and Space for those who live in Love.
Much Love to you, my Family.
–July 14, 2017


Author: Karen Neverland

I am here to Create Beauty • Dragon Rishi • Reiki Master • Ascension Astrology • Healing/Guidance • Scribe