Mission Statement

I am here to Create Beauty.

Welcome to my blog, devoted to the Global Ascension. I am here to bridge Heaven and Earth via Divine Union with Source.

As part of my mission in Gaia’s ascension, I will post updates for what is currently occurring on the planet, and how it may affect the collective. The content for this blog comes from Direct Experience with Gaia, Source, and Self–We are All One.

My purpose in giving these reports is only to assist you in your personal journey. You are a Sovereign Being and I am here as a lamppost until you rediscover your own Light.

I will strive for some regularity in my posts, but the information comes intuitively, as it is ready to be processed. Please feel free to email me with questions. I will answer them on the blog, if I feel that they will assist others. Otherwise, I also offer personalized, private sessions, if you are looking for one-on-one, devoted attention.

Thank you for your participation in the Global Ascension.

Harmony Follow your own inner guidance.
Love, Wisdom, and Power

Karen Neverland

–December 21, 2016

Author: Karen Neverland

I am here to Create Beauty • Dragon Rishi • Reiki Master • Ascension Astrology • Healing/Guidance • Scribe