Past Life Recall : Core Wounds and Amnesia

past life recallIn our lifetimes and explorations of 3D and below, many experienced extreme traumas that led to Soul Amnesia. Even within one life, people develop amnesia to block out difficult memories. This same amnesia from traumatic past lives can completely block awareness of who we are.

Unprocessed trauma is stored in the cellular memory until our Self decides we are capable of clearing it via direct experience (reliving the trauma until it passes from the body.) As Gaia rises in frequency, past life memories come back to us.

When amnesia first starts wearing off, some experience flashes of past lives, while others just feel pummeled by powerful emotions they cannot explain. Past life recall can be emotionally exhausting and requires a certain degree of soul development before your Self will even attempt the process.

Processing past lives is not all bad, but it is the nature of them to bring up the traumatic ones first. Those are the memories responsible for amnesia. There is no easy way to get through this. Hold presence through the emotions and let yourself feel them fully. Know and trust that your Self would not have brought it up if you did not have the strength to let it go.

After we clear the difficult memories, the amnesia lifts more and more and we remember beautiful memories. This can reveal our Life Purpose, Soul Groups (Indigos, Starseeds, Angelics, etc.), personal missions, personal truths, sense of Self, and more. These clearings eventually reveal our memory of Source and that we are All One.

Many have already been working on these memories and this will increase as Gaia’s Ascension continues. Her increase in frequency forces the trapped lower density energy to ‘break free’. Traumatic memories are at the forefront of these densities and anticipate these clearings to increase.

Know that for each difficult memory you clear, there is a wealth of miraculous memories waiting within you. Past life recall allows us to remember prior abilities we have trained and people we have known.

[Note: Just because we have had a past life with someone, does not mean they owe us anything, no matter what was arranged in previous lifetimes. We are all Sovereign Beings and everyone deserves their own experience of the past and present. In fact, these memories actually free us from those old soul contracts (i.e. relationship agreements, soul debt, vows, and oaths).]

We are all new in each moment. My purpose in mentioning past lives is to bring clarity to the discombobulating experience of retracing soul memories. It can be confusing and many will be doing this work in the coming year. Your guides are with you and you can do this.

The past is the past and we live in the present. Good luck!

–January 4, 2017

Author: Karen Neverland

I am here to Create Beauty • Dragon Rishi • Reiki Master • Ascension Astrology • Healing/Guidance • Scribe