Physical to Light Body to Crystal : The Body’s Ascension from 3D to 8D

light bodyEvolving our 3D physical matter bodies is quite a process and we go through many phases in this Ascension. I hope to bring some clarity to the terms we are using and what is actually occurring in the body.

Please Note: This is an inter-dimensional process. We use words the best we can, but you must understand the deeper levels of what is being said here. I list all of this in a linear way, but it is all occurring simultaneously. We ebb and flow between dimensions as we grow and master each phase. Also, you have Free Will and do not have to go about your Ascension in this way. This is a road map.

3D to 4D: Aligning the Light Body

The first step in 3D Ascension is to align and develop our Light Body. The Egyptians called the Light Body our “Ka” or “Light Body Double.” The Light Body includes energetic aspects, chakras, aura, meridians, and light organs. The Light Body mirrors our Physical Body in almost every way, except there is no 3D physical aspect. It is energy or light that mimics the 3D body.

When we are in 3D, our goal is to heal our chakras, cleanse our bodies, and live as healthy as possible. When we are self-destructive, eat unhealthy, lack exercise, or live a spiritually void existence, it throws our Light Body out of alignment, or prevents it from developing properly. This can lead to many problems. When the Light Body is strong, whole, and in alignment with our Physical Body, we move into 4D.

My book assists in the process of 3D to 4D and on. Learning to fully love my Self is the way that I healed and aligned the Ka. This book is a guide through the internal process.

4D to 5D: Union of Light Body and Physical Body

In 4D, we Unify our Opposites and become One. This includes the Light Body and the Physical Body. These two aspects of ourselves merge together in an internal Alchemical Union.

When the Light Body is developed and in full alignment, we begin a slow die off of our physical matter body. This is the Death and Rebirth phase. When the Light Body is fully formed, we no longer need the physical form. In fact, the physical form becomes a burden to us.

There is quite a lot involved in this process. I have discussed 4D in previous articles [Kundalini and Ascension Stages]. Most of it I cannot say generally, because it is so specific to the alchemical union.

5D to 7D: Light Body

Once we pass the 50% mark, where most of our form has become Light Body and the Physical Body has mostly passed, we are considered to be in 5D. In this phase, the Light Body is in form and activated.

From 5D to 7D, we are mastering our Light Body and letting go of the remaining Physical Body. The Light Body is a physical body, but it is much less dense than the 3D body was. Many people lose a great deal of weight during this phase (even if they do not necessarily change waist size), as well as work through dis-eases in the body.

We become Masters by the time we reach 7D, with a Perfect Light Body and no remaining 3D body.

Alex Grey

This artwork is by Alex Grey. You can find more of his work here. I am in no way affiliated with Alex Grey, other than pure inspiration.

8D: Crystal Body

When we have our full Light Body activated and have moved through 7D into Union with Source, then the Kundalini reverses from the top of the Crown and returns to the Heart Chakra.

The Crystal (Krystal, Christ-el) Body is the next phase after we have our Light Body or Ka Body. When the Kundalini reaches the Heart Chakra, it begins a golden process of turning the entire body to Crystal.

The energy of the Light Body is put under a great deal of pressure and stress. All of our weaknesses are prodded, all our temptations are tempted, and we are truly put to the test. Do not mistake this for the Shadow Mastery that occurs in 4D, which is also an intense testing period of initiation before 5D.

This whole process of extreme pressure catalyzes our transition to the Crystal Body. One cell at a time, our Light Body is refined and mastered. It is called Crystal because the Light Body is in perfect alignment like the structure of a crystal.

crystal structure

Image source unknown.

Beyond 8D

In 8D, we become truly inter-dimensional beings. Many “super powers” come at this point because we have cast off our chrysalis and become a Butterfly.

The rest of Ascension after 8D takes place in the Heart, with additional chakras opening there. Some perceive these chakras above the head, because they have not physically embodied them. They are perceiving the chakra of their Higher Self and see it as external. The goal is to bring all the chakras into our embodiment here on Gaia. Each additional chakra opens around the heart, forming a lattice within and bringing more and more special abilities and mastery, forever and ever.

Many blessings on your Divine Ascension. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest.
Love, Wisdom, Power
–July 28, 2017

Author: Karen Neverland

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