Dragon Lines/Gridwork


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Dragon Lines:
Gridwork & Gaia Guardians

Dragon Lines

Gridwork • Dragon Lines • Energy Consciousness and Mastery • Gaia Communion • Working with the Dragons

Using energy consciousness, I can assist you in mastering your current energy modality to commune with the planet, work with the dragons, and gain awareness of the dragon line grid.

If you have a dragon aspect in your Oversoul Complex (do you resonate with the word “dragon”?), we can also connect you together, so you can start tapping into that work more deeply.

One-On-One Sessions: $50/hour

Sessions are by Skype or available in Portland, Oregon.

Quick Blast or Email Questions: $20

Are you are on your path, but feeling stuck? This is for quick questions and adjustments to get you back on track.

Just click the donation link and let me know your contact info and availability in the comments.

I look forward to working with you on your own Divine Path. 

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You are a Sovereign Being. I am a lamppost to guide you to your own Light.

I am open to all who seek with open heart. If you resonate with me and my teachings, don’t hesitate to email me. Time permitting, I answer generic questions by email and Twitter at no charge. Use the Quick Blast for details specific to your personal journey.