Riding the Dragon Lines : Techniques and Practices

dragon linesNow that the 12D Dragon Line Grid is holding strong in full glory, we can start using it to enrich and assist us. Though not everyone can see or perceive the grid, its stability brings a greater sense of well-being, safety, and connectedness for All. Though taking energy from the grid is prohibited (see previous posts on the Dragon Lines), there are quite a few things that you can do with it.

Be advised: There are dragons in the grid that are monitoring all use. They are Guardians and One with the Living Grid. If you attempt to misuse the dragon lines in any way, your access will be cut off immediately. There are no warnings, because by the time you are aware enough to use the grid, you know better.

The grid and dragons are 12D Frequency (very high!) Any energy of a lower frequency will be instantly transmuted higher, so there is no real danger to the grid. If you are of pure intention, do not be afraid to start working with it. Visualize the grid above until you can actually see it with your eyes.

Here are some ways that you can start working with the grid in your own practice:

Astral Travel

With the dragon lines fully actualized, our ability to Astral Travel in meditation and dreams is greatly increased.

When you are in the meditative state of Zero Point Awareness, project your consciousness up into the beautiful crystalline grid. See it clearly in your mind’s eye as sparkling like the Sun and forming a geometric gridwork above.

Once you have projected your consciousness into the grid, fix your focus to anywhere on the planet or ask a dragon to take you there. You will find it easier to focus on that space and transport to that spot will go incredibly fast—it is often instantaneous. Use this to gain insights, meet up with friends, or just visit a certain spot.


Telepathy is achieved through clearing the Mind, so it is still and conscious of itself and its own inner monologue. Many have so much internal chatter that they have no idea if the words in their head are theirs or someone else’s. When we clear the Mind, we can communicate with the entire planet at any given time. Better than High Speed Internet!

Focus and still your thoughts, then think of a specific person and speak their name aloud or internally. When you feel them within or see them, tell the person whatever message you would like them to know. You are speaking to their Higher Self, so the message will only get delivered if it is in the Highest Good of All.

This used to have major lag time, but I have found that now, after I send a message, people call or text that same day!


For many years, Lightworkers have been creating Points of Light on the planet by calling in Light, using the body as a channel, and anchoring it into the planet. You can now create a Column of Light that anchors into the ground below and the grid above. Do this in your house or sacred spaces to greater connect and ground the Light coming in.

Dragon Blessings

The dragons are powerful, angelic beings of Light from the Higher Realms. They have successfully merged their consciousness into this realm and are working non-stop to heal and strengthen Gaia.

To call them, sit outside in a field, mountaintop, or some quiet place where you can see the sky. Meditate and invite them in. You can speak out loud and ask them to come, or just in your mind. Then, sit until you feel or see them internally. Some people will be able to see them with their eyes. Don’t worry if you cannot at first. If you are of pure intention, they will come. Their presence is felt as an overwhelming rush of Love or seen as diamond Light.

Feel free to speak to the dragons or ask them for assistance in your life. They are Free Will beings, but they are benevolent and will often assist you, if it does not interfere with your own Sovereign Journey. If nothing else, you will feel the overwhelming sensation of Love filling your heart and know you have received a Dragon Blessing.


All parts of Gaia are connected and One. You can call any pieces of your Light Body or Soul back to yourself instantaneously. They will energetically travel through the dragon lines and to you, just like Astral Traveling.

If you feel that your energy is scattered or that you are missing a soul fragment, connect to the grid and command it back, or ask a dragon to deliver it. There is no need to physically travel to past-life locations anymore (though you can if you wish!) Dragons are awesome stewards and will return your energy in pristine condition and with the utmost care.

Dragons love Soul and Healing Work; it’s one of their specialties. Invite them to participate in your healing or Reiki sessions. You can also ask the dragons to assist ghosts/discarnate beings in passing on.


The dragon lines give Gaia greater control over her Weather. There is no accidental weather anymore. It is all done with Gaia’s complete awareness.

You can request Gaia and the dragons to alter the weather in an area. Obviously, they will only do it if it is in the Highest Good of All. Some weather and effects are necessary for Gaia, so it’s not a guarantee that asking will make it happen. However, minor requests are usually honored. If you ask for the rain to dry up for an hour, you are likely to get it. If you ask for your entire area to change climate, it’s unlikely.

Connect to the dragon lines, Gaia, and the dragons. Send your request and let it go. The more people you have involved in a request, the more likely they are to honor it. This is where Rain Dances and Group Prayers can really come in, especially if your area is experiencing dramatic weather or catastrophes.

Stabilizing the Core

Earthquakes and intense plate shifting are unavoidable as Gaia is changing daily. As always, you can stabilize your area by sending and anchoring Light and Love into the Core.

With the grid’s stability, you can now anchor Light anywhere on the planet. Use the Astral Travel technique to go where you need and then send energy into Gaia in your usual way.


Have fun learning to work with the Dragon Line Grid! Practice makes perfect. The dragons are as playful as they are wise. The more childlike you are at heart, the more they will enjoy being around you and respond to you. Hold that purity of your intentions and feel free to experiment with your own methods and spiritual practices.

—June 25, 2017

Author: Karen Neverland

I am here to Create Beauty • Dragon Rishi • Reiki Master • Ascension Astrology • Healing/Guidance • Scribe