Soul Alchemy : Return of Christ Consciousness

Return of Christ ConsciousnessDecember 21, 2016 was a special Solstice, as it marks the Union of Gaia’s Masculine and Feminine energies. What does this mean for the souls incarnated on this planet?

Individuation of a soul from Oneness is called Duality. The purpose of our descent into separateness is to become a unique consciousness, as opposed to the unified Oneness. Once we are individuated, our purpose as an individualized being is to connect back to Source. (This process is called Alchemy, Union with Source, Union of Opposites.)

The process of Union is the same for twin flames/beloved unions as it is with Source. In fact, they are the exact same energetically: Unification of the Masculine and Feminine channels. Gaia has completed this process and is just beginning to form the Third Energy of Christ Consciousness.

After Soul Alchemy and Divine Union takes place, we exist as both an individual and connected to All. This step is also called Christ Consciousness and what many have been working toward all year. It is the alchemical gold that each being finds on their personal journey and comes after immense energy initiations and purging of lower densities.

Gaia’s Union is why so many soul mates, twin flames, and beloved partnerships (i.e. Union with the Divine) are forming at this time. Gaia’s energies again support these unions.

This marks the return of Christ Consciousness on this planet, as the true purpose of Soul Union is to create the Third Energy (Trinity of Mother/Father/Child).

–December 30, 2016

Author: Karen Neverland

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