What is Ascension? : Steps, Symptoms, Leveling Up

ascensionAscension is the natural raising (and lowering) of frequency. Everything in existence has a unique frequency that it resonates with. The atoms of a solid have a low vibration/low frequency. The atoms of a gas vibrate quick. The color red is slower than the color purple. As we raise in frequency, we are shifting our solid body into a lighter state. This is called the “Light Body”.

Everyone experiences their own unique path to Light Body. However, there are tried-and-true processes that many experience in some capacity:

1. Download: This is when we receive new Light Encodements. Light is information that the body, mind, and spirit can recognize and use. Light information comes to us in bulk and can be overwhelming. During this phase, the mind gets “foggy groggy”. Our whole being is focused on receiving this new information and reality gets a bit hazy. The more open to receive we are, the better. Sunlight, moonlight, and Nature greatly ease this step.

2. Install: After we receive the encodements, the body has to sleep to assimilate and install them. There are physical changes in the body and this is where people experience ascension symptoms associated with shifting/evolution. There can be pressure and tension from the moving of bones and opening of chakras, as well as stiffness, aches, fatigue, or grumpiness.

3. Level Up: When the current symptoms are cleared, our frequency peaks as we reach a new high point. The body has been upgraded and it comes with euphoria, super connectedness, new special abilities, and ecstatic joy. This frequency is not constant at first, but there are definite “platforms” of new highs, when we hit a new “level”.

4. Detox: After we “level up”, we drop density. The new intensity of the higher frequency shakes loose any toxicity to be released and cleared. This is when people experience the “sickness” type ascension symptoms. Phlegm, sore throat, nausea, anger, depression, and anything associated with clearing out toxins. This is the “death” of the old. Water and peppermint are strong healing during this step.

5. Integration: This is where we put into action all the things we learned in the previous four steps. Life will try to pull us down and get us to fall for our old pitfalls. Remember the high point of the Level Up and strive to maintain that level. We all make mistakes, so don’t worry. Just do your best to integrate the new wisdom and embody it.

6. Mastery: When we can hold our frequency without being pulled back down, we have mastered that level and are ready to start the process over at a higher octave. There used to be a delay here, but now it seems most are jumping right back in with step 1.

The point of this whole ascension is to experience Death of the Physical Body and Rebirth of the Light Body. You’ll hear people say “It’s a process.” You cannot rush these steps and they are executed with mastery by your Higher Self and Divine Team. Take it a day at a time. The only way out is through. Just keep breathing.

My intention in giving these steps is to aid your own ascension, by creating a foundation of understanding, so that you may discover your way. Sometimes you may experience multiple steps at once or skip others entirely. Don’t expect anything to be constant. It’s all shifting and evolving.


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–February 17, 2017

Author: Karen Neverland

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